Box or Drawstring Pouch?

What would you rather have your deck packaged in?

  • A 2-part box (cardboard, cardstock)

    Votes: 33 56.9%
  • A drawstring pouch (faux suede, velvet, etc)

    Votes: 25 43.1%

  • Total voters


What would you rather have your deck enclosed within?

A 2-part box (thick cardstock/cardboard), or a drawstring pouch (faux suede, velvet)?


Box box box! And in case you missed that....BOX :D
My cards are far too precious to me to live in a bag. I do however use Tarot bags but only one at the time, for the deck I'm working with that month.
It then goes back in its box :)


A bag within a box sounds lush too...just saying ;)


I typically put mine into bags and leave the boxes on the shelf. In a lot of cases the boxes just wouldn't hold up to constant use, but I also just like bags better.

I would LOVE a deck that came with it's own bag that matched it nicely.


Box, with matching bag :D (cause...nothing exceeds like excess!) ;)


I like boxes, which I then put into my own bags...:grin:


I put most decks into bags of my own making, even nice boxes are more suspectible to wear and tear than a bag. I carry my deck-of-the-week with me, and I find a bag more practical than a box, softer and hm, I prefer bags.

A deck that comes without a box is great, then I know that I really pay for the deck and not the packaging. I make my own bag anyway :)

Elaborate packaging is great and it feels luxurious when you open it, but the main player is still the deck itself, and after the unboxing ceremony, the question is what are you left with. Even the very nice boxes of Housewife, Orbifold, Golden and Touchstone tarot are stored away since they're too bulky to carry around... but I know others really love wonderful boxes.

I guess this is a very very personal preference and you'll get votes for both options. Yeah, I'm being super helpful today ;-)


Box, with matching bag :D (cause...nothing exceeds like excess!) ;)

lolz agree 100%!XD :))

joking aside I prefer to keep my *working deck in bag!^^(I got this on e bay affordable price n nice/aka my taste gold n red design!^^ ;)

but for shipping side I would like to offer my costumers firm box option to make sure it won't tumble in shipping?x,x even if that may be unnecessary, even if it may add bit extra to package n shipping costs....


If it's a sturdy, beautiful box I prefer a box. Decks with nice boxes are set out on my end tables and kept there all the time for easy access. I use the deck more, because it's right there. There aren't many decks with really nice boxes, so it's not a huge amount of clutter, just sayin.


Let me add this thought - I only like a box AT ALL, if it is the same size as the deck. If it's a bigger box that's made to accommodate a book, or to take up space on a Barnes & Noble bookshelf, it's useless. Certainly too big to carry around.

The ideal box for me, and probably the only one I would use on a regular basis, is one that is just the right size to hold the deck, and has a hinged lid that opens along the long side of the box. A nice sturdy box like that is something I would keep a deck in and use everyday - even if it were in danger of wearing out eventually.

I want the experience of taking a deck out to use to be simple and fluid, and maybe a little luxurious. Shaking an oracle box until the bottom wants to start sliding out doesn't do that for me. Flipping open a lid and dumping the deck into the palm of my hand....that would work for me.