Brady Tarot


Stunning - just had to back it!


Nice I love owl Card, hum maybe a tote with the other owl card on it, I just backed it my first kickstarter campaign , kind of exciting. Going for the tote.


This was mentioned in another thread but I can't find it.

I love her style but was balking at pledging because I found the Death card hard to read. I wrote to the artist about it and got a lovely, thoughtful response, so I pledged. I'm really looking forward to seeing the whole deck.


This looks amazing, but has anyone seen pics of the minors? I'm wondering if they will be illustrated, or pips.


OMG! such a fantastic art style! and it's about birds? my fav!^^ lolz :))


This deck is going to be gorgeous and the images I've seen so far are evocative.

I did send her a message asking about minors because I do not care for pips; but I wonder how much more labor and time intensive full illustrations would be given her methods.


I wrote to her and I found out that the suits are arrows (swords), feathers (wands), roots (pentacles), and drinking horns (cups). The minors will not be an afterthought, that is a huge pet peeve of hers. Each card will be a work of art.

I hope I didn't insult her by asking if the minors would be pips or not. :(