Chronicles of Destiny Fortune cards readings


I'd like to offer a few readings with my new Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards by Josephine Ellershaw and Emily Ellershaw. The card images are so lovely I can't wait to start reading with them and decipher the story in your book of destiny!

All I ask is that you provide feedback in a timely manner.


Mmmm like it!!!! I would like to know the possibilities of creating a relationship with A next week. Probably i will see him a few times. Do you see progress


What's my future in romance i am quite muddled right now?


Hey id love to sit

Can i ask how are things looking to progress between me and S hes someone new still at the early stages


Hi there! If I may sit, I would like to ask what I am missing about my relationship with G. He is an ex, but weird signs keep pointing back to him. Thanks :)


I would like to sit and can exchange using oracle cards from my collection.

My question is whether you see J making contcat with me again this year?



hi if you decide you have to many to read.. you can pass by. :)
if not,
I wonder if you can tell me about the connection between C and myself?


Ooh I used to have these cards. They are back in Australia now. I loved them. The images are so stunning.

I'd love to see what story in terms of love is coming up for me in the next 3 months :)


I would love a read if I may sit?


I was looking at that deck! Lucky you!! :thumbsup: I would love a reading with the deck if you are still taking sitters.

I can do a reading exchange with you if you like. Just leave me your question. I'm not sure if I ask a question or see what the Chronicles of Destiny have to tell me. :)