Confessions Thread


OK, so tarot was first for me, and probably for a lot of us, but to be totally honest and make the big confession, in the short time I have had my Faeries Oracle I have grown to love it more than any tarot deck I have. It's like tarot decks are partners but the Faeries Oracle is my friend :D
I was stuggling and maudlin over a tarot reading that I did for myself which I couldn't quite understand, which seemed good and bad at the same time, and just basically left me depressed. I sat down just to read some more of the Faeries Oracle book and look at the cards - no intention of doing a "reading" with them. I picked up the deck and took it in half and there, grinning up at me was the Master Maker. I was so drawn to him and he seemed to be talking to me. And he answered all the questions that the tarot hadn't, clarified all the points which were muddled and gave me great advice. I love you Master Maker :D :D
So, let's hear your confessions ;) - do you love your Faeries more than tarot? Any super special moments like the one I just had with the Master Maker?


diane drizzy

My faeries are doing a chorus line dance as we read your post. :D
Funny how I never considered getting these cards, although I still have my Faeries book from when it was first published. I finally decided to get the cards when I had read so many wonderful threads on the FO. The rest is history- they are my desert island deck.
I guess my special moment was seeing The Green Woman. Being a woman of a "certain" age and a dog owner, I LOVED her and her pet. She is someone I aspire to be like, and someone I keep I often keep in mind during the day when people annoy me!


My Faeries aren't even in the same league as my tarot cards.
As many of you Faerie people will understand I have stopped thinking of them as cards.
They're real to me.
The cards are like family photos of my beloved little friends.
And I use them to remind me of that Faerie's wisdom or warning.
It's like I have 65 special Spirit Guides that are here to help and guide me.
I love them!


Oh man, hands down, their my fave! And I agree, they don't compare to the tarot at all. Their message is more gentle but at the same time (for me) more detailed. I can pull so much more information by using the fae then any other deck. I use them as my main deck at my work (I work at a metaphysical bookstore near where I live as a reader). The public has an odd reaction to them, either they LOVE them or they make them nervous. Either way, I get a lot of information from them. As it has been mentioned here by many (but I think my sis Alissa originally pointed it out) they are like mirrors, a reflection of one self of what truly is going on. They are great for doing personal readings or readings for others.

Man, my magical moment with them, there's been so many moments with them, it's hard to pick just one. I distinctly do remember going through the deck the first time to find my favorite card, and I picked Indi as my favorite. Something about him at the time that I just wanted to hug him and tell him that he's welcomed in my circle of friends. His character reminded me a lot of the character off of Breakfast Club played by Ally Sheedy, the dark one who was labeled as the "basket case" who didn't have any friends. When they were all sitting around asking each other what happens on Monday at school, if they were all still friends and she said "I don't have any friends, but if I did, I don't think the kind of friends that I would have would mind". But more then that it also seemed like looking into my own child's eyes who was hurt by his/her classmates by teasing him/her. I realized later that is a lot of how I felt growing up, left out and made fun of and all I wanted was a friend. I have several now, but growing up was hard on me. I was shy and being made fun of didn't help. However, once I got to know a person, all hell would break loose, you didn't know what I was going to do next (winks at her sis Alissa). In fact, it was partly my sister who helped me realize why I felt the way I did, and in that, I saw what I had felt growing up, the need for acceptance and wanting to "fit in" and as a child I never truly felt that. This is the way that they mirror you (or the person that you are reading). Reading for other people though, they change meanings and whatever you "feel" from the card is a reflection of what is going on with the querent/client.

Ok, enough rambling, but yeah, hands down, their my favorite deck and they are also my deserted island deck!


I have a confession.
I have hardly touched a tarot deck since I got my hands on the Faerie Oracle.

Today I was thinking if I should buy myself a new deck for my birthday next month - but I couldn't find anyone I really wanted that bad. Not right now anyway.
I am quite satisfied.
And I just bought a brand new work-book for the deck.
So now I have one for all the Faerie Cards, and one book just for journalling and readings.

I am slowly working my way through the deck, picking a card a day or so and only from the cards I haven't had before. Will do this until I worked through the whole deck. then I can start do readings and such:)
this is still the "getting to know them" phase.


Any good oracle works. Some work better than others.

It's like wine. Any wine gets you tipsy. Some wine tastes better than others.


I am in total agreement with Lark and Sag! The Faeries are not cards to me either, they are family.

Like you N, I was a total Tarot person until I got this deck. I use the Faeries Oracle much more than my tarot decks, and it goes with me where ever I go. I cannot compare the decks, because it is simply not possible. I cannot compare the Faeries Oracle to any other oracle deck either, because although there are some great oracles out there this FO is just not a deck to me. As for oracle decks I love the Fairy Ring (for brutally honest readings) and the Green Man which just makes me feel so close to nature.

I still love Tarot more than oracles, but the FO is my favorite deck of all times. I have had way too many special magical moments with the faeries to even count or know where to start, and the Master Maker is one of my favorite faeries also, he keeps me on task when he is around and about.

The FO has really given me a deep understanding of the faeries and of their realm, that has helped me work with faerie decks of other sorts (tarot and oracle), they have been my friends, family and teachers. If you do not have the Fey tarot, you might want to get it ~giggles~, it is a fabulous deck and my Faeries love it. We have been working with it ALOT!!!