Cosmic Tarot, Prince of Cups


Night time. This prince stands in his hall, it is uncertain if it is his bedroom or his throneroom. The Stars are only visible through the upper window slats, palm trees are visible beyond the openings behind. The prince himself is illuminated in dark maroon and purple, intense emotions are visible in his eyes. Behind him and beyond his structure is of all beings, anubis, the jackal headed Egyptain keeper of the dead, and he is taking the role of the grim reaper upon the river styx. Right in front of the prince, who faces to the left of the card, is a glowing cup, symbolic of his emotional needs. Behind teh cup is a staff with a snake coiled around it reaching to its glowing apex. The prince himself has a scorpion on his left forearm, symbolic of Scorpio, this cards zodiac sign. Annubis represents death, the Major Arcania card that is associated with Scorpio. The staff and cup can mean many things, including but not limited to sexuality and sexual acts.

The prince of cups is adorned with a latin stylized robe taht streams down a complicated design down his left shoulder to the right side of his waist. This designis also seen on the Prince of PEntacles (The two princes look very similar if not identical). The crest of a crown is placed over his heart on a pocket, a sign of romantic nobility, but also one of incredible demand.

The combinations of Egypt and Roman facades give this card a very romantic and estoric feeling for an era that is usually overlooked.

I leave my description at that and give this link for a deeper personal view of this card.


Excellent analysis of this card.

However, in the architecture, I would place it as either Moorish or Arabic.

I see the lapel piping as Roman.


I agree with the Arabic Archetecture, it reminds me of Alladin for some reason. Since Latin languages origniated in Italy, Rome is a safe assumption.

This card impresses me a lot, it displays a great amount of detail without getting too complicated.


ah, so it's anubis in the background :) thought he looked familiar! this is one of my fave cards in the deck :)