Cosmic Tarot-The Chariot


A man in a chariot (imagine That) is has two horses in reign, one black one white. The charriot itself is a simple one man carraige, he has with him a bow and a quiver of arrows, and a hunting he will go.

The colors of the chariot are blue and purple, below the man stripes diagonally jutting down and left and yellow stars peek out from behind the purple stripes. Above the man the color si sblue with yellow stars, and an image of a flame right above him, a symbol if his enligtenment, a green pennant with the moon waves in the wind.

the man himself is dressed in yellow and gold, across his belt is the symbol of cancer, associated with the chariot, and behind the entire scene is the castle, th mans home, what cancer represents in the zodiac. A mans castle is his home.

On the pathway before the horse is a dried branch, capable of being shattered by the horse, or course.

To me this card is about moving foreward, and claiming territory, reinforcing ones abiliites.


I also noticed the bow and quiver of arrows in the rear of the chariot. Not only is he out to explore new places, but he's gonna shoot down anything that gets in his way.

That has been one of my "negative" interpretations of the Chariot. In order for the person in the chariot to get his way, he has to restrain the horses from doing what they desire. However, this also gives way to the concept of balance. If the charioteer lets the horses go free and do whatever they want, he may not have a chariot to ride in. If he abuses them and only thinks about himself, the horses may not respond, and yet again, he has no ride.

One thing that I like about this representation of the Chariot is that you get to see the ground. The path that the chariot is on has already been taken, and gives the card a sense of direction. It says that maybe the place is unknown to the charioteer, but not for other more experienced explorers.


the black and white horses...i think this may relate to the need for balance - you need to balance and harness light/dark (or other opposing energies) in order to progress :)


The man is driving at full speed away from the fort or castle in the background. He is leaving a place of safety, taking a chance. He has a bow and quiver full of arrows. A bow and arrow could symbolize striving to hit the mark, to achieve a goal. He is a strong man with a determined look on his face. I get a feeling of determination, will-power and eventual triumph with this card.

One horse is black and the othe white. This could be anothet reference to the union of opposites which was a big part of the Lovers card. Here the opposites are working together as a team but the balance has to be managed. Or does it? The horses do have reins but the driver doesn't seem to be holding them. Interesting that the black horse has two reins and the white one only one.