Cosmic Tarot-The fool


I have been avoiding this card, and now I think i know why. This fool is reminecient of the Joker of the standard playing cards. this fool can make a fool of you if you are not careful. Dressed as a jester, hat and all (with threebells of course) striped shirt which looks at least 2x too big, and pink pants. The had indicates that this fool has either just jumped and landed, or has just landed w/o jumping. The dog is playful and 4 birds are in the background. A crystal grows from this ledge along with several flowers. A river flows in the background, new possibilies are opening up, but you must look pas the fool and into the mountains.


i agree - in this deck with this fool you just don't know whether he is jumping or not jumping - he certainly looks a little more reckless than some other images of this card - as if he is really pushing his luck dancing around on that tip of that mountain - if he's not carefull he will fall

if i had to say either way i would say he's right on the threshold of jumping - the dog is jumping even higher than in other decks

living dangerously - fearlessly - confident as a tightrope walker or a trapeze artist without a net - playing with fire

perhaps he is not scared for the simple fact that he knows he can *do it* whatever that is - faith in oneself and he is laughing in this confidence whereas others/the dog around him fear for him? he's not taking advice


I think the Fool came to amuse me today, this morning actually. I’m still not sure if he was trying to make a fool of myself or actually trying to smooth things over…this thought is still under consideration.

Or perhaps it was the dog, although one aspect of this faithful companion speaks to me as my natural instincts, my intelligence, my protector, perhaps my spirit or my soul.

I should look at the astrology section, I’m sure paradoxx has something for me there. I could feel the Fool around me, and when I shuffled the deck, what did I get….The Fool!

Looking at the fool in this deck, the first thing my eyes were drawn to was his incredibly big feet and pink pants…..why?......I was incredibly clumsy this morning…and my limbs like rubber. Not only that, I looked at the Fool’s hair which definitely resembles mine at the moment from the heat and high humidity in my area. I almost got the impression that his wild hairstyle is from the charge and discharge of the Sun’s force, of an electrical charge continually in motion.

The Fool didn’t stop here! I was out driving early this morning, ( work related) and was nearly hit from behind by a tractor trailer! The light had turned orange and was ready to turn red, when I saw the truck from behind…he was slowing but not stopping!. I just wanted to cover my face with my hands and await the big bang, but it was if warning bells (on the Fool’s head & dress) were jangling some kind of code, and my (fool’s) dog suddenly went mad, snarling, growling, snapping and my foot hit the gas pedal thrusting my car through the intersection. If I had been hit, it would have been like the fool in his bubbles of air, falling, spiralling off the cliff! The crash landing would for a few moments deprive me of my senses but also wham!…I’d feel my breath leaving my body!.

Star-lover, you mentioned the dog jumping higher than other dogs in the tarot, do you think he’s the one that will push the fool over the edge? Hmm I wonder?

Would the crystals represent programming from one lifetime to the next, the ice capped mountains, memories past experiences frozen that through time will melt into the river?

Then again the fool can be funny charming, delightful, yet as he starts his journey we will see him talk of life more seriously, and confidently, and living a civilized life!?

The sensitivity that I felt last week with the Sun seems to be with me still. Is my dog (messenger?) warning me to get grounded, or are the birds and the dog trying to show me something or just telling me to lighten up?



To me, this fool isn't so foolish as in most decks. He KNOWS he isn't going to fall off because he jumps in place. So does his dog. And I get the impression it isn't very far down even if he'd go over. He seems like someone pretending to be adventurous but isn't.

La Force

The Cosmic Tarot - 0 The Fool

In the Cosmic Tarot book by Jean Huets it quotes.....

A jester in motley dances at the edge of a cliff.

He is stationary at the moment, even though he he does indicate forward/upward movement. his tip toes touches the ground, the earthly plane of reality. Mulkuth in the world of Assiah

A dog, symbol of fidelity, leaps beside him, perhaps warning him of the dangers of the deep.
The faithful dog dances along, but keeps the Fool from losing awareness of the surroundings.

symbol of Sirus

The Dog reminds of my dog before she passed away, when ever I zoned out, into my imagination and during my Meditations, she would after a period of time of my zoning that she would bark at me until I came back to reality of the present, out of my daydreaming. so the symbol of the dog rings true to me.

She would only allow me to leave the physical/Material plane of Malkuth for a short period of time. In a way you can view the Dog as a keeper of the gate of Malkuth, she keeps you planted here (your soul) in this world of illusion. Like a trap keeping you from god consciousness.

When the Fire of the Kundalini sparks, the Dog barks, jumps and bounces. the keeper of desires, she is your warning of your awareness of her and the ability to control her.

The message here is that your to lose your awareness of this reality Malkuth and enter into the higher planes of the tree of life. (ascending)

When your are (descending) from kether the crown, the message is that you are not to lose the memories of your soul. the kasha records or god consciousness.

His head reaches toward the sun and the stars; The sun inspires the Fool with spheres of light.

Sun symbol of Orion, creation of the stars, out of Nothingness. In Kabbalah this is Kether, in the world of Atziluth.

The universal god consciousness. Sub-conscious memories of the soul. Akasha records

Crystals grow from the ground. his feet caper on the very lip of a crystal-studded alpine cliff.

to me the crystals are the manifestations of the conscious mind of our reality that we create. The Material Plane. In Kabbalah this Malkuth in the world of Assiah.

The are 4 Spheres that surround the fool. In Kabbalah there are the 4 worlds;
Atziluth; fire, emanations, archetypal
Briah; water, creation, intuitive
Yetzinah; air, form, ideas and intellectual
Assiah; earth, action and physical

These are all interconnected, linked, representing connecting all worlds from one plane to the other. forming a completed soul to know thy self, internally and externally, the different planes of reality and the many parallel universes, all the possibilities that we are linked to.

This also represent the Chakras, his foot stand on the root chakra, his head sit at the crown chakra. the Kundalini (fire serpent) the practice of white tantra, to reach and unite with gods consciousness.

There are 3 practices of Tantra

White Tantra = practice of chastity, the ability to control and master the desires and urges. Using the kundalini fire to reach gods consciousness, the gate, they way back. The ability to express sexuality and love for and with another without orgasming. Using the kundalini energy for spiritual enlightenment to god consciousness.

Grey Tantra = practice of occasional orgasm, this path leads to black tantra, the chasing of desires. This still releases / breaks the vital energy/kundalini through release of the orgasm.

Black Tantra - practice of always orgasming, which leads to pain and suffering, the wrong path, this path leads the soul down to uncontrolled desires and never satisfied, the neverending cycle. the no return to god consciousness, the black hole.

Both Grey and Black Tantra, releases the Energy/fire of the serpent/kundalini, breaking the energy needed to return to god consciousness

Which leads you into the world (Kabbalah) of Klippoth

The number 0 is the mathematical point of neutrality between positive numbers and negative numbers.

The Fool is the point of balance between destruction and creation. S/He signifies the held breath of the cosmic force: the exhalation is creation; the inhalation is annihilation.

The Fool is spirit on the edge of manifestation; the formless who precedes or succeeds the dualism of heaven and earth; “ground zero,” the center of destruction. An absolute neuter, neither male nor female, neither active nor passive, the Fool embodies in its circular digit all possibilities.

Imagination is a sister of ecstasy, and ecstasy is a razor’s edge between sanity and insanity. The most heartbreaking delusions and the most exquisite beauty spring from imagination.

The Fool embodies the imagination, with all its glamor and all its danger. It is appropriate that the Fool is the 0, the naught, for the imagination by itself signifies nothing. Only when given form does the imagination make an impact.

Meanings • Wisdom of innocence. Originality. Annulment of reason. Frivolity. Lack of discipline. Ecstasy. Delirium. Satire. Cartoons. Clowns. Mime. Madness. Imagination. Youthfulness. Comedy. Fun. Lack of social grace. Thoughtlessness. Folly. Extravagance. Immaturity. Irrationality. Frenzy. Enthusiasm. Naiveté.