Deck of the Week : Sign-up Thread: Week 302 : May 13 - May 19


This thread is for those who would like to work through their collection of decks. Each week on a Saturday we will be picking a new deck to work with exclusively for the week.

Anyone is welcome. Please join us!

1. Please post with your chosen deck for the week - if you wish you can choose 1 tarot and 1 oracle so you can participate in all areas of the forum

2. Chat away about your deck, how you're finding it etc.

3. Daily Draws can be recorded in our Group Daily draws thread: the thread is here for Jan - Jun 2017.

4. The following link is for members of the Deck of the Week group to post readings (other than Daily Draws) with their chosen decks or readings with spreads offered specifically by Deck of the Week members. No feedback or commentary on the spreads/readings is required (unless requested).
(tarot only)

Deck of the Week Tarot Readings

5. Here are links so that members can post daily readings/reflections on Oracles:

Oracle Decks - Threads in Oracle Readings forum (Oracles and combined Tarot & Oracle readings)

Deck of the Week Group - Oracle Readings

1. VGimlet - Cultural Revolution Tarot & Globalight Angelic Tarot (majors)
2. Ballerina - Tarot of Vampyres
3. catschinwag - Revelations Tarot
4. BodhiSeed - Artist's Inner Vision Tarot & Art of Collage Cards
5. Green Faerie - Tarot of the Hidden Realm
6. Scarlet Woodland - Mary-El Tarot & Rosetta Tarot & (pocket) Thoth
7. Madame Squee - Lynd Ward Tarot & STS Lenormand
8. AnemoneRosie - Ceccoli Tarot
9. lantana - Cosmos Tarot & Oracle
10. amberjune - Lioness Oracle Tarot & Spirit Cat Oracle
11. csmith0406 - Tabula Mundi Tarot
12. Cynthia H - Dreaming Way Tarot
13. Luxa - Fountain Tarot
14. Rose Lalonde - Tabula Mundi & Naruto CCG Oracle
15. Carojulie - Chrysalis Tarot & Animal Wisdom & Tarot of a Moon Garden
16. DaughterOfDanu - Starchild & Spirit de la Lune
17. Trogon - Fantastic Menagerie Tarot
18. RavenOfSummer - Rumi Tarot & Moon Phases Oracle & Voice of the Trees.


I'm back and doing another week with the Cultural Revolution tarot and the Angelic Globalight Deck. Because I was very distracted last week and maybe got 2-3 readings in instead of my usual 7. :bugeyed:

Also trying something new, because I get sucked into the computer on Friday mornings, my one consistent day off. For hours. (Oh, shiny!!! Look, how many deep sea creatures are phosphorescent on YouTube! Oh, here's a link to a new PUPPY CAM!) I'm going to try posting this thread Thursday nights (PST) and shutting my computer off and not turning it back on until AFTER I accomplish something practical Fridays. Just a slight time adjustment of 12 or so hours - I'll see how it works.

So yes, will still be updating Friday, but hopefully AFTER my chores are done. :rolleyes:


Hi! I'm going to work with my Tarot of Vampyres. I really have never given it much attention so here goes.


Hello ^__^

Well I'm a newbie (as you can see by my low posting score), but I've been waiting for this thread for a couple of days so I can join in on the fun.

I'll be looking at the Revelations Tarot. I've been perusing this deck on and off and it's only in the last week have I decided to commit to learning it.

Quick question to seasoned members: Do you -have- to swap decks each week? I don't mind (since I have so few), but it does mean that I'll be revisiting a deck every four weeks.


Quick question to seasoned members: Do you -have- to swap decks each week? I don't mind (since I have so few), but it does mean that I'll be revisiting a deck every four weeks.
Welcome to the Deck of the Week clan, catschinwag! :) You can swap decks or keep the same deck, as you wish. As you will discover, this is a loosely run ship. :laugh:

VG, I'm in with the Artist's Inner Vision Tarot paired with the Art of Collage Cards. Hope you get your chores done with plenty of time for play later! :D

Green Faerie

Welcome, catschinwag! :) I only have four decks, myself, and I tend to change them as the mood strikes me - sometimes I will stick with the same deck for several weeks in a row, as I'm doing right now. There are very few rules here, and we like it that way! :D

VG, I'm in with the Tarot of the Hidden Realm (again). I've had virtually no time for tarot this week (end of term madness), so I'm sticking with this deck until I've had a chance to use it properly! Thank you for keeping us all on track with the threads. :)

Scarlet Woodland

I'm in with the Mary-El and the Rosetta... still in app form till customs release their hostages.

Thanks for the new thread VG. Sending productive thoughts your way ;)

Madame Squee

Welcome, catschinwag! xoxo

Hey VG, please sign me up with the Lynd Ward Tarot. It arrived yesterday. YAS!!!

Also STS Lenormand.

Thank you! :love:


Ceccoli Tarot


Going another week with the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle. Thanks!