Deviant Moon Four of Cups


A man (or woman? I don't know, the person's is featured vague and ambiguous) is throwing one of his/her cup-which contained reddish liquid-down below from the balcony. His pose; putting his hand on his chin; shows boredom and discontentment.

A small key, which is tied to his hair and laid beside his shoulder, is seemingly out of his sight.

Below, in the sea, in the distance, a ship is sailing towards the left side. Looks to me like it's a (Viking?) warship.


Yearning for something (as represented by the ship) but not acknowledging one's own power to change the situation (the key).


The person doesn't look overly passionate about tossing or dropping the cup over the balcony - maybe it has no value to them or they just don't care about it anymore.
It was obviously full (or at least had some liquid in it) so it wasn't totally useless to them...letting opportunities slip through your fingers because you're bored and not paying attention to what it around you.
The person is walled in - up high on a balcony so opportunities (once lost) are hard to come by.


I think this woman is rejecting something or someone in her life, because she doesn't have time or patience to hold another thing.

crazy raven

I really love this deck! It's definitely on my wishlist for Christmas :)

When I first looked at this card, the viking ship in the background caught my eye. I thought what an exciting era that must of have been. Imagine the ship and oars were built by many many hands. Large trees had to be downed and was used to harden the wood. So much energy and power.

There was alot of assertiveness (anger, agression, selfishness) and physical energy during this time. What we know of the Vikings, they were selfish, impulsive, head-strong, bad-tempered and hyperactive. Their beliefs had a major impact on their life.

So what does all this mean to the 4 of cups? It's meaning seems totally opposite? It seems that the unconscious values and attitudes of the person in this card is the driving force behind their life at the moment, and as long as they remain unconscious they will feel overwhelmed and out of control.

To get a hold of themselves, they need to build a firm foundation (tower, temple) away from the confusion so their ability to think can flow with ease, without effort....simply flow and shift in the wind. Is quiet time alone vital for this process or even meditation?

Is he or she trying to sort what beliefs make sense and serve him/her well and those that don't? Is it time to face up to truths we don't want to hear about ourselves and our world. Do we need to hone up to the fact that we are are too sensitive and have a tendency to take things too personally? Is it time to let go of people or things in our life that don't serve us anymore? Is the sadness this person feels....having to part with something/someone that is exhausting and drowning their spirit?

I wonder if this card is saying that it's to connect to the gentle but resilent strength of our Divine inner spark?



Alone by the glow of the deviant moon, a maiden has locked herself onto her balcony. Dissatisfied with life’s gifts, she apathetically tosses a golden cup into the sea.

Upright meanings: Unhappiness in spite of success. Apathy. Disappointment in one’s life. Boredom.