Faerie Seekers Circle (FSC) ~ Oct 2013 ~ sign up thread


Hi all,

Here is the sign up thread for the Faerie Seekers for the month of October.

~ this circle uses either or both together of the two Brian Froud decks, The Faeries' Oracle and the Heart of Faerie. No other faerie decks.

~ the circle runs for the entire month, but I do ask that members complete their readings by the 21st and have posted feedback by month's end.

~ if you have trouble completing your reading, please let both me and your partner(s) know as soon as possible. Disappearing takes away your ability to participate in future rounds.

A spread for October: While the transition is different in the Northern and Southern hemisphere, nonetheless it is a transitional period and I think that we all tend to associate this time with change. I found this spread, created by Glass Owl and called

"A Fresh Start" spread.


1. This needs a fresh start in your life.

2. Why a fresh start would be beneficial.

3. Letting go of this would assist you in having a fresh attitude.

4. Embracing this would assist you in having a fresh attitude.

As I try to do, I offer an alternative spread:

A Halloween Spread collected by Glass Owl but created by Thalia Took:

The Moon Spread by Thalia Took

This spread is for clarity when the shadows and light are confusing.

Shuffle the deck and lay out cards 1, 2 and 3.


Card 1: This card is the Moon, the numinous dream image, representing magic, mystery and original beauty, the dark and the light, the beauty of the still night and the deep shadows. This card represents ideals and desires, intentions and clarity.

Card 2: This is the reflection in the water, the clouded sight, the mirror reflecting your biases and prejudices, the skewed perspective, the imperfect translation.

Card 3: This is that which the moonlight illumines, though dimly. These are the snatches of dreams you remember, the bits and pieces of clarity, what you can see from here.

Card 4: Take this card from the bottom of the deck (also referred as the shadow card) and lay it next to card 3. This card represents that which is still in deep shadow, that which you can't quite make out, hints and glimpses of things you don't recognize. This is the darkness and confusion, or what is confusing you.

Both cards 3 and 4 are seen through the unclear glass, the biases shown in the reflection card. By comparing the three you can help determine and further define your perspective.
You get to choose which spread your partner uses, and any other spread is fine as long as your partner is comfortable with it.



Sign me up, please. :)


You are now on the list TsukiSei!


Oh, I like the second spread! Sign me up too, please!

I have to tell you up front, that I am going away from Friday, October 25 to Nov. 01 or 02, so hopefully my partner will not mind us having feedback done by Thursday the 24th? if this is a problem for anyone, I can/will back out. I'll leave it up to what you think, Alta.

Thank you!


We can work around that celticnoodle. If anyone signing up is fine with this, then I'll partner you. Otherwise, knowing in advance, you can have some time leeway.


please sign me up =)


Welcome thirdlibra!


Or I'll reply that Im in here.....you know like we're supposed to.


Thanks Phoenix! Got your PM too. :)