Fey-- the court/swords


Fey-- the court

Hi all--

To me, the court cards are the most difficult to deal with. I feel that's because they're a bit of major, a bit of minor and a bit neither....


Let's introduce ourselves to the Royal Court of the Fey. One Fey at a time...

Roll call???

any question/comments before we begin??

fly well


Is this a different class, teacher? Can I join? Do I need to give you an apple?
Where do I sign?



same class, different pew. or something like that

let's see who else might pop in. the bell hasn't rung yet...



What the heck..If i am trying to join everything else!!


I vote for the swords suit first! Those fey court sword suits are really expressive. :)


Kirali said:
I vote for the swords suit first! Those fey court sword suits are really expressive. :)
Me too
I'm having a hard time with some of the sword courts lately!


OH OH!!!! in my temperelemental fey post I speak of how the King of Swords trips me up....can we start with him.....and his Queen?


the swords have it

well guys--

Good a place as any. Swords-- the royal pair. So what do we think about these? What do we feel about them? What kind of rulers are they?

Floor's open--


King of Swords

Has orangish eyes, a red dress underneath his chain mail, reddish hair, and is surrounding by autumn leaves. But his hair and wings are fluttering in the wind. So are swords associated with fire in this deck? or a little bit of both fire and air?

He has the pointy ears of a fairy, and the scars (three slash markings on his cheek, and one on his neck) of a warrior. Behind him, carved in the stone of his throne, is a single sword with a red (jewel?) in its center similar to a third eye.

The jewelry he wears is tribal and primitive: looks like bones, shells, teeth, and a moon-like oyster shell thing.

His closed left hand is huge in its armour; his mail is rough-hewn; but his face, though rugged, is sensitive, almost feminine. Despite his power and fire, he gazes off into the distance with a look of serenity, and even gentleness, as though seeing something clearly that others cannot.

I see the portrait of a physically powerful man, a great leader with strong convictions and a natural grace allied to a sensitive intuitive intelligence, great emotional courage, and some magical powers...

red eyes
scarred cheek and neck
blowing red hair
blowing wings
necklace (moon/teeth/shells/stones)
red dress
chain mail
closed left fist
autumn leaves
gazing into distance
stone thone
carved sword with red jewel in center
reddish background of hills behind


King and Queen of Swords

My comments....

She has haunted eyes, and the mark of sword deeply into her forehead. This a woman who has seen more than she wanted to see.. I think she has looked into the eyes of death. Her hair is white, the colour of winter, and of age, though of course as a Fey she still apears young. Her lips are blue, this is not a woman who kisses readily any more. The background is grey, and empty. the house of her mind and emotions is depopulated by time, by what....

His fist is clenched in determination and his back is stiff and muscles rigid, ready for a fight. But his eyes are sad and resigned. The cold wind of had truths blows around him. The sword is deeply embedded into his throne, and hence his power in inextricably linked to it. It is a part of his being. But he is not a midless fighter, he knows what he is responsible for protecting and holding. The leaves blowing by him are sere, and his chain mail has cuts and breaks. He has seen many battles, and while it has not hardened his soul, to say he could love easily would be very unlikely. I do not think he is cruel by nature.