Good incense for readings?


thought it was worth asking... a book I have... suggests some associations... but suggests Storax for Page of Pentacles and Swords

not made of money, any suggestions?


Just go to a store and smell different things and decide what's good for you. Sandalwood is a pretty universally excellent scent for spiritual matters (many Japanese temples and shrines use sandalwood as the base for their incenses), and so is frankincense. Nag Champa is also considered meditative, but a lot of people associate it with potheads, so ymmv. All of these are such common 'flavors' that they can be found easily and cheaply. White sage is considered cleansing, although it's really not incense so to speak. If it smells good and puts you in a meditative state of mind, that's really all you need.


What Barefootlife said....I happen to like

Amber/Sandalwood. Inexpensive. But anything you like is what matters :)


Lately I discovered japanese incense; there is less smoke with this kind of incense (this could be a good point for them) and I found one very pleasant!


These two are AWESOME inexpensive old standbys that will cover you for day and night!

HEM Sun Incense - For Daytime 🌞

HEM Moon Incense - For Nightime 🌙


am very fond of Myrhh, only slightly less fond of Nag Champa...

Tried Sandalwood a bit ago, didnt care for it at all...


Have to go with nag champa as my all time favorite.


am very fond of Myrhh, only slightly less fond of Nag Champa...

Tried Sandalwood a bit ago, didnt care for it at all...

If you like myrrh you will probably like frankincense and amber. I second Japanese incense, it's pure powder and not on a stick, so the smoke is subtle and also pleasing to watch. There are a lot of scents (including pleasant fruity ones - you may like plum) and it can be found pretty darn cheap per box.


I've been burning incense that's a mix of myrrh and frankincense lately, I find it very meditative. I love Nag champa and sandlewood too.

I haven't tried amber and frankincense, i'll have to look out for it.


Papier d'Arménie

Papier d'Arménie is a French brand of incense-scented strips of paper, based on a traditional Armenian (as the name suggests) benzoin incense. It is used for purification, both of the air in the ordinary sense, but also of the atmosphere in a more rarefied sense. And it is commonly used for the latter purpose among French Tarot readers.

On another, slightly more practical level, it's also very useful to insert a few strips into a musty-smelling book, or at the bottom of a box of tarot cards; keeps them smelling nice and fresh.

Papier d'Arménie also make lovely scented candles which are perhaps not as harsh as the paper strips. They have an English website and are also available through the usual online retailers.