Hanson-Roberts study group - Queen of Swords


This lovely lady was my card for today

I really like this card - I usually do like Queens of Swords though :)

A few notes from my journal:
She's very silvery and icey looking.
She holds her sword completely upright, the double edge of it is very visible - she has a logical mind but she's just and fair. She has the ability of seeing both sides of a situation and is aware of the duality of all things.
The wind blows her hair and she looks as if she's beckoning someone forward, in much the same manner as the RWS Queen of Swords.
She uses her mind and like the other Sword courts she's good at communicating and probably likes to talk - a good conversationalist. As well as her cold, logical side she also has the nurturing, understanding qualities of a queen.
She doesn't look like a lady to be messed with.
She has piercing eyes - she can see through any masks you may be wearing and any fronts you may put on.
She doesn't suffer fools.
The Queen of Swords has experienced life, she's learned from her actions and has gained wisdom from her experiences.
She looks a little distant and cold - this reminds me a little of the High Priestess's energy.
Her robe is green - a colour of growth, fertility, luck and healing.
Her throne is brown - the colour of material things and grounding.

When I see this card the phrase I think of is 'logic and understanding'.


Sulis xx


Love this Queen of Swords too. I don't have the deck right in front of me but I believe her other hand is reaching out, beckoning almost. She is there for her friends and family. (you got to get through her hard exterior though -and that sword, LOL - but underneath is a caring heart)

Thank you for posting this study group Sulis! : )


Hi okieinalaska,

You're welcome :) and welcome to the Tarot Study Groups forum :)

I haven't had this deck long but I've started using it for my readings for others so I'm pulling a card a day.

There are quite a few cards that have already been studied in this group. Here's a link to the index thread: http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=34013
Feel free to join in and post in any of those threads, or start new ones if you like.


Sulis xx


There is also that spark in the sword, like a guiding light she is paying attention, in RWS decks the pasive element queens are focused on the suit symbol, but in Hanson Roberts the Cups and Swords queens are the ones looking at them.

Her left hand is inviting us to come closer, but she'll know if our intentions are not good, she is ready to defend herself, her sword has this small attachment near the tip, I understand this type of attachement cause great pain and inner body damage if attacked with something like that.

Unlike her body her head has an armor below the crown, she takes more care of her mind, probably she thinks it is her greatest treasure and asset.


I guess I disagree with everyone here, but...

This is another card in which, to me, Mary manages to give an expression with a better faithfulness to Waite's interpretations than any other deck. Waite has nothing good to say about this card. It might as well be the Nine of Swords. It's all bad. Whether right side up, reversed, or stirred in a goldfish bowl, she's down for the count.

This card looks it. She's upset, pissed off, bitter, mad at her sword, living in a cold barren land, wishing she was anybody but the Queen of Swords. If she's beckoning to me, I'm getting out of whatever got me there.


In this deck, she's the only Queen to be wearing gloves (on a side note, the Knight of Cups is the only Knight in this deck not to be wearing gloves). I interpret this as being firm and clinical in her weilding of the sword - she doesn't take her power for granted. She has a very serious look on her face that could be interpreted in a number of ways. I think she's a character that's possibly lost the personal feel to her element or has difficulty accepting it wholly. The other swords court cards are more at home.

As with all of the court cards, there is a light/dark side to each. I feel she might be the most insecure in the Swords family and makes up for this by hiding her insecurities behind a projected brilliance of mind (and she is brilliant, but she doesn't really feel she is). The Page is too young, the Knight too rash and the King is mature enough to know he has faults, but has accepted them because he also has equally brilliant points-no one can be perfect.

This Queen, to me, seems so focused on reaching her idea of perfection that she's detached herself from herself.


she seems suspicious and cold.
like the queen in the narnia series.
the barbed sword is frightening, not just to wield for protection or order ,but to do damage, cause pain.
Revenge is the word i'm looking for.
vengeance and an unforgiving nature. you just really do not want to be on her bad side.