how do you use your cards?


per wulfshado's suggestion:
what are some other ways (besides readings) in which you utilize your tarot cards...
no, not as cup coasters on your coffee table! i mean, for example, as a meditation tool or maybe for story-building, if you're a writer.
a topic like this ALWAYS gives me wonderful new ideas, like tarotbear's journal or nexy's card-a-day.
we'll see what happens...


1. Daily 3 card readings for myself.
2. Readings for others.
3. Spell work (as per the Tarot Spells book). I use a different deck for this.
4. Meditation on qualities/symbolism.
5. Symbolism studies since i am interested in comparative religions (anthro background)
6. Story work. Both with the cards themselves and spreads.
7. Tools in gaming campagnes...i've had a friend do this and it works beautifully.
8. Tarot POKER or other fun games, i have rules for Tarotopoly.

um, i know there has to be more reasons... just not sure of the rest. =)

blessed be,


Well, I mainly use them for readings for myself or others, however, I also use the cards for....
1. Sorting out problems or crises in my head (Kinda like counsellling. The Tarot acts like a mirror, and tells me what I already know, just to make me aware of how I feel about it!)
2. Inspiration for stories, poetry, ect. (Usually throw some cards, and weave a story out of that or get suggestions from the meanings of teh cards as to what to include in a story)
3. Meditating on the images
4. Meditating on the feel of the deck when I shuffle (Lace) it
5. Appreciating fine art.

I know, fairly diverse.... But I enjoy it.


Dee 04

Hey Metaz!

Besides doing readings - I also enjoy shuffling my cards as a from of relaxation and creating a mood for a relaxed, meditative state.


If you have multiple tarot decks, a exercise I have found to be very enlightening is to perform a simple reading (1-3 cards) from one deck, then pull the corresponding cards from other decks and compare the symbolism, energies, etc. This also helps to get to "know" a new deck, by using a favorite deck as a reference or springboard into the new deck. Comparing 3-4 decks at a time brings up some wonderful insights and dynamics.


I like doing the shuffle (lace) to relax and get in a meditative mood too, but I find alot of the time something pops in my head that just will not go away and end up throwing a three card to see what going on. Very good way to clean out the mental baggage I usually don't realize I'm carrying around (yanno something happened that day and a past incident played heavily in my reaction sorta thing)

not alone in this am I?


I like to sit and shuffle my cards, usually by lacing, when I'm on here - my deck is always with me :) Then I pull cards from the deck and see what they say to me - so far tonight on here i have pulled The Empress at least 5 times :)


I've done as Strange2, especially when one deck is traditional & the other isn't. It can provide a different perspective & is fascinating in that way.
A few years ago, I made a personal Tarot notebook (separate from my journal book & another I maintain for readings for others). I had 8 x 11 color copies made of my Lifetime Cards & several Majors that have significance for me. The results are beautiful, clear copies with true color tones, where details I hadn't noticed previously became evident.
I duplicated those cards in 3 different decks & put them in clear plastic page holders. The copies are nice enough to frame as pictures, & I have 4 cards from The Ancient Egyptian: 2The High Priestess, 18The Moon, Queen-Cups & Queen-Wands placed in a large poster frame that hangs on a wall.
I use my book of cards to touch base & for inspiration. The "poster" always makes me feel good.


I have also done what Strange2 does, but only when I get a new deck. I like compraing cards to see if there is any common symbology or theme. An interesting one to note is the Court cards: Try and spot how many King of Swirds look similar! It's quite weird, how so many different artists can have sucha a similar view on the Courts!

Meewah: Tarot posters sounds like a good idea.... I might try that one myself.



When a card particularly inspires or intrigues me, I scan it and use it as the background wallpaper on my computer screen. I make the image larger than the original card, and it's amazing the details and nuances that are oftentimes revealed. I have found this to particularly be the case with the Crowley/Harris Thoth deck cards, which I currently use for readings.

I have used these tarot card wallpaper images on my computer at work, and not only is it a nice way to be able to reflect on the Tarot while at work, but it has elicited some interested enquiries from coworkers!