I know nothing of the Faeries, so....


Why am I in this forum? Why am I reading all the posts on Faerie Oracles? Why is my 4 year old daughter drawing fairies all over the place?

I also just saw a post about the Faerie Oracle for trade and I jumped right to it! What the heck?

I haven't even gotten out my tarot cards in months (I just reacclimated myself here on Aeclectic earlier this month, after a long hiatus after having my baby son).


I'm curious about this deck? How does it differ from tarot, and can a very inexperienced tarot reader like myself get into the groove with an Oracle deck?

Any opinions or comments are welcome!


You will love the fairies. They will get into your life.
I think the tarot cards involve more studying, the oracle
is alot more intuitive. Enjoy your deck.


Working with these cards is like learning to look into a variety of mirrors that will begin to show you things about yourself that you never knew. There is often humor in what they chose to show you, and when you learn from looking, it is because you were ready to learn. As you touch them, they continue to reflect you... and therein lies their unique wisdom, I think.

I hope you enjoy them fully!! :)


So do you think that these hints all around me are trying to tell me to get the deck? I certainly didn't have a new deck in my plans, but who am I to argue with the Universe? LOL


Yes lunar_rabbit, it is your destiny!

I wonder, if your as excited to be getting this deck, as I am.
I can hardly wait!

You know, it's wild, but about a month back, as I was going into the house at night, i saw this little glow, sitting on a leaf of a plant.
I just stood there looking at it, I didn't go near it because there were brambles, between us, but I thought for a while that either my eyes were playing tricks, or that it might be a firefly, but it never blinked.


I can't help but to wonder....


Wow, Floracove! That is pretty cool. Whatever it was, I guess you got the point. It reminds me of the part in Peter Pan where you say "I do believe in fairies!!" :)

The psychology background my brain is saying yes, because the concept makes sense of having cards that you actually can hold a conversation with, rather than just trying to read them like a book. This is the same way people pray, or talk to their spirit guides, etc. It's a familiar way to communicate with your subconscious.

The little girl in me is saying "Yay! Fairies!!!!"

My husband is very into The Lord of the Rings books and movies, and I told him about the artist and the cards. And for once in his life, he didn't make a sacarstic comment about hoodoovoodoo or going out back to "read the grass clippings" or something. He said it was interesting and the artwork was cool. LOL


That's a good sign in him as well!

diane drizzy

Sounds like you've already made up your mind! :D You're going to have the best time and what a great way to celebrate fall.


lunar_rabbit said:
So do you think that these hints all around me are trying to tell me to get the deck? I certainly didn't have a new deck in my plans, but who am I to argue with the Universe? LOL

Absolutly! That is how they operate, they are not very subtle when they are hinting at things *LOL*. The Faeries Oracle is nothing at all like tarot. It is totally intuitive, and I think Sagitarian described it very accurately. They are much much more than a deck, they are an experience to be had.

I was a total tarot person when the faeries called to me. Now it is the one deck I have with me ALWAYS (unless they are hidding, which they do to me when they feel ignored). I hope you connect with this deck, if you do, you will be in for a whole new experience that would make me sound insane if I tried to explain it :D

You have to experience it to understand it.

Aura Wolf

The Faeries Oracle is the only oracle I own. For some reason, as yet I don't really have a strong desire for any other oracles; I prefer tarot because it's more organized. But the Faeries are different....they get under your skin! In good and bad ways :D Their advice is almost more clear than tarot--it's so blunt! I think if you're seeing faeries everywhere it's a sign to consider this deck...