is there a karmic connection?


you have all been so helpful with my tarot education.

I have another one for you. Typically, I only do 3 card readings as I am very new and get overwhelmed with too many cards.

A couple weeks ago I did a reading for a woman who feels a strong connection to a man (think soulmate, karmic connection). They are friendly. Attraction has been established, he knows her feelings, he is unsure of his own - he lives far from her, so this complicates things.

Anyway, I did a reading asking the cards what the connection is between the 2, if he feels it as well, and what will transpire out of this connection.

I received World, Ace of Swords (although it could have been cups, my bad for not writing it down), and wheel of fortune.

I interpreted the world as they fulfill of each other, they complete one another.
Ace of Swords, yes he feels a connection through communication
wheel of fortune, they are each other's destiny

Thoughts? I told her that I am new at readings, I'd check here, and not to get too excited! :)


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Wheel of Fortune, for me, has always meant that someone may be going through the motions but nothing will really change.


Interesting thought Sweetsiren
I'm curious to see if that will be the case.


The World sometimes shows that a relationship has gone as far as it will go, or is already as good as it will get. The Ace of Swords, meanwhile, can appear when a deciding factor is clear which should be noted -- in this case, it may be the distance involved, and no real intention/desire to bridge it. So, the relationship remains "up in the air" (Wheel): unsettled and ungrounded in physical reality, though still an inspiring source of satisfaction to the querent.


Indigowaves, thank you for your response. I was always under the impression that the world was much more positive than a completion, but I guess that could also seem positive depending on what your perspective and/or question is. thanks.