Knight of Pentacles


The first thing I often notice in a reading that includes Robin's "Knight of Pentacles" is the definite "heavy" feeling...the solid workhorse decorated with a whole lot of lavish cloths/armor and the Knight in full, weighty plate armor. And yet, neither the Knight nor the horse seem particularly burdened by all this stuff on them. In fact, they seem rather proud to be wearing such outerwear, representative of all they believe in and the lifestyle they've chosen to live. If need be, they could take off at a gallop and do what must be done...though they seem a twosome that truly abhors violence and does not stir up nor look for trouble. They are a team that can truly be depended upon. They will use well-thought-out common sense rather than rash and impulsive actions.

Since Pentacles represent to me, among other things, earth and body, the horse and Knight are characters who are FIRMLY grounded in the planet and protective of all that lives on it, just as the King and Queen of Pentacles are. But this Knight is young and virile and ready for anything...personal comfort is not in the forefront of this Knight's mind. This is a Knight who would be my idea of a "Knight in Shining Armor," as Robin also mentioned in her book. While the Knight of Wands may be more dashing and flamboyant, the Knight of Pentacles will be there when the battle is over, with no regrets, because he didn't act before he thought things out. And this Knight won't be hankering to be in battle all the time...he's perfectly content on the homefront.

Again, the colors of this card are peaceful and beautiful. The land is fertile and capable of growing whatever is needed. Like the Knight, even the land is ready to take on what's asked of it (if cared for well.)

I got a kick that Robin used artistic license and colored the horse's eyes green..."(not a color found on the real horse, I'm afraid)" order to be in keeping with "his correspondence with the earth and green growing things."
Robin's deck, in general, makes such wonderful use of color, plants, trees, metals, gems and more to symbolically help us to use her cards successfully in readings. I very much appreciate all the work and research she's put into making this incredible deck. It remains my favorite reading deck.


First Impression Looking at the card, I felt as if it was paused in time. Like the other two (especially The Queen) it was a quiet and gentle card. It was literally down to 'Earth' and quite grounded, while portraying a knight within a wealthy family domain.

Image Here is a young man (the son of the King and Queen), completely covered in armor - showing only the outer qualities of this Earthy suit. What lay beneath the armor could well be a very different person, filled with wild passions, but always careful to present the correct demeanor when out in public. He is surrounded by Nature and the worked lands which he will inherit one day. He is proud of his position, while at the same time, retaining his composure. The lands show the gradations from a newly plowed field, to wild flower meadows, to cultivated lands which lead into forests, and finally to misty mountains; the progression of growth (evolution). His horse is dressed in the richness of the lush greens and purple and gold of the kingdom.

insights Within any moment of daily life, he has learned to take time to gather his thoughts, and to meditate upon plans for his world. The armor shows his station, but hides who he is at heart. Yet there is a sense of poise, wealth - born of hard work - and the peaceful manner born of inner spiritual wealth and work. This is a very dependable young man; reliable, responsible, practical, trustworthy, solid and honorable; always willing to help.

*song for Knight of Pentacles: I'll Be There by the Jackson 5