Magical Forest - 3 of Cups


from lwb: Three: be open to life, nature, and meetings.

The fruit and pumpkin on the ground are signs that they aren't doing
without, things are good. They are celebrating and enjoying each
other and they look like they are dressed for a celebration or special
event. The one rabbit in the middle seems to be up a little higher and it looks
like they seem to be the one giving the toast. This could mean
there is someone who is going to give you messages about family,
or family functions, maybe something in the future, a family gathering.


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Magical Forest- Three of Cups

They indeed look as if they are enjoying each other's company in a footloose and fancy free atmosphere. I see this as saying take some time to enjoy your time with friends and family, kick loose a bit and soak in the aura of good times. I also see this card as implying common ground, all are being together and getting along, everything is good.


Party time! Normally 3 is a crowd, but over here it looks like a celebration, the more the merrier. The bunny at the back might even be presiding over some sort of ceremony for the other two! Lots of food and drink - perhaps its a harvest celebration.


All three bunnies are dressed identically, as if for an initiation ceremony. Peers, equals, uniting together through a common belief or cause. The collective becomes stronger than the individual. Emotional satisfaction through group sharing.


Why do you think specifically, hang on, those are grapes, look at the leaves.

Why do you think the artist specifically chose grapes and a pumpkin/gourd? And...some mysterious green shapes next to the gourd which may be leaves.

They could represent a good feast, enforcing the idea of this card as a party. The rabbits could almost be dancing. But wouldn't a cornucopia be more traditional to represent a feast? Initially I thought that a single bunch of grapes and one raw gourd wouldn't be enough for a party, but they're placed at the edges of the picture, like we've zoomed in past the trestles and tables piled high with food, to the rabbits, so that only a little bit of the food shows in the picture now.

The middle rabbit looks like zie just finished a speech and is calling a toast. The feeling I get from the right rabbit is 'hell yeah!'. Perhaps zie's had a little too much fermented grape juice. The left rabbit is holding up zie's goblet to toast whoever, but with just the right amount of social grace - zie's not super into it like the right rabbit.

I know the stares of the animals are a feature of this deck, but with the way this is set up it looks like a photo a fourth member has taken at a party, where everyone is looking at the camera as the flash goes off, right before the drinking and partying really get underway.

Yeah, card? Good times ahead. But why specifically grapes and a gourd?


Yeah, card? Good times ahead. But why specifically grapes and a gourd?

The more I examine this deck, the more I see how it directly plays off of RWS. If you look closely at the 3 of cups in RWS there is also a squiggle of grapes and a pumpkin/squash in the foreground on that depiction.

I actually haven't done the research on what these symbols officially indicate in RWS, but for me I see these items as symbolizing celebration of the harvest. The grapes have been ground to make wine (served in the chalices), and the squash/pumpkin is harvested in the fall, along with many other crops before the coming of winter. Rejoice with friends and family, as you are reaping the benefits of what you have worked for (together)! Enjoy this moment of rest with celebration, and reaffirm those relationships which you may come to count on in colder times.

The white robes I also see as playing off the toga-like outfits in RWS.