Magician not really the Magician?


I'm going through my deck looking at the cards and writing down things that I think about them in hopes that I'll better understand them, seeing as I got frustrated/developed a hate over two of the court cards recently (Knave Wand & Swords) and thought maybe seeing other cards might help me some.

Something that has made me wonder ever since I've seen the Magician is whether the Fey on the table is really the true fey of the card? I've almost come to the conclusion that the real Fey is the mouse on the ground and that some how the fey on the table is nothing more than a creation doing magic tricks for its master. This was brushed across in the other Magician thread listed in the index about there being reality and not reality (right?). This card makes my head hurt because there are a lot of possible ways to see the scene between the mouse and the fey on the table. Like what if the fey on the table is showing its master what he looks like from above? o.o. Or Maybe the Fey on the table is on the table to show he's more powerful than the mouse. Why on earth is he on the table?! Maybe thats not even a table, at first I thought it was an alter, maybe now its a podium (depending on how you see the card). If its a table though or desk, why is it so small? I think I confused my self more about this card than when I first started...

Really what I want to know is, Is it really possible to say who the magician is in this card?


When one thinks about the structure of a magic trick, what is it really all about?
Creating an illusion that seems like a reality.
I see the beauty in how you see the card, for it does challenge our thinking as to what are we really seeing.


I want to bump this up and ask another question thats come to mind about the Magician card really.

I understand the big thing in this card is not only the will of the magician to manipulate the universe but also the fact that there is this question on what is real and what is not. This creates confusion with me though, is this to say that the Magician can also mean whats real and whats illusion? If thats the case then how does this conflict with the Moon?

In my head I think of the Magician's "illusion" as more of "this has always existed and is more real than this mouse that has been created" meaning that maybe the mouse could still pop out of existance, but I guess what I'm looking for is a better understanding of the Moon. Does the Moon's illusion exist more as something of the mind, a dream, a vision of the mind's eye? Mmm I'm confused on this. Deeper I go the more the two cards kind of meld in a way. The Moon still exists as more of wisp in the wind and brings with him/her dreams while the Magician is more planted in reality, but its funny because the book noted that the moon in distant times was connected with magic/occult/mysticism. So there is in a sense a connection between these two. (There even both on their own journeys!)

I may have answered my own question in that but I still am not sure about the "illusion" in the Magician card and the illusion present in the Moon. Any insight? :)


no need to choose

I don't think you need to choose between Magician and the Moon. In a way they are very complimentary...the Magician's will seems to be "male energy" and the Moon is clearly "female energy" but they are both magical in their own ways. The Fey Magician and the Fey in the Moon card accompany us always, always ready to help us with their unique energies and perspectives. The magician and his "familiar spirit" the mouse remind me that there are always spiritual helpers along the way. The native american friends I have talk about the "totem animal" who is unique to each person and brings wisdom and magical spiritual energy to every moment. As always, intriguing images. BB, Michael


tarobones said:
The native american friends I have talk about the "totem animal" who is unique to each person and brings wisdom and magical spiritual energy to every moment.

Nice point! Never would have thought of the mouse as a "totem animal."



I see the Magician as manipulating through the use of his knowledfe and will power, which can create an illusion. Sitting on the table (or alter or whatever he is kneeling on) he asserts a position of authority by elevating himself over his audience (the mouse), and showing him what he can do. He is manipulating a situation and creating a sense of awe. If you look at the Mouse he cannot take his eyes off of what the Magician is doing.

The Moon, seems to me to be more about self created illusion. Convincing yourself that your dreams are a reality. Getting lost within yourself by the creation of illusions, ignoring the reality around you. I also see some strong positive spiritual aspects to the card.

I agree with Tarotbones, that these are manifestations of the male and female energy. Male energy is directed and projected, female energy is much more subtle.