4 Swords vs 7 Swords


Thought I might bring this up since I found this somewhat intriguing.

Today I pulled the 4 of Swords and 7 of Swords in a reading. I was studying the cards and found that they were quite a like really.

The Fey in the 4 of swords appears to be a fierce warrior, It's funny but I've always seen the 4 of swords as a female Fey even though clothing-wise the fey might be mistaken more for a guy, but as is known through out the deck, not all fey are always going to be fully clothed.

Some other points about the two cards that got me was they appear to be in the same place! Notice that the walls and the background in both pictures are torn down and destroyed. I paged through the swords and noted that none of the other cards appeared to be set in a battlefield. (Wonder what they are fighting over) Another thing thats mirrored in both is the red pant/blood that is on both Feys. The 4 of swords has it smeared on but the 7 has it almost painted on. I think in a way this shows the nature of both cards. I see the 4 and she is very rash, someone that doesn't appear in control, consumed by anger or her emotions. The book commented that the 4 of swords is also empty on the inside. 4 is like a loose cannon almost and the 7 is composed and won't just jump out into the fire of things.

Another point between the two that interests me are their swords. The 4 wield more a dagger (short sword maybe) and the 7 wields this sword thats half her size, almost looks like she couldn't swing it. Begs to question though. If the 7 is the fey that is more likely to think out a plan and avoid conflict and the 4 is the fey who appears more likely to charge head strong and give it everything she has then why do their swords vary so much. I would think the the 4 would have a bigger sword to inflict more damage on her opponent and the 7 woiuld have the smaller sword to allow her to cause damamge but get away as fast as possible seeing as a larger sword would encumber you. Though in the 4's case a smaller sword would also allow you to move around quicly. (For some reason the 4 of Swords reminds me of the character Princess Mononoke, that anime movie with wolves and animal gods. She had a small dagger but was immensely quick and could cause damage quickly).

Something else that had been on my mind about these two is whether they could be fighting each other. Doesn't it seem possible? Funny thing is I had the 4 of Swords on the left and the 7 of Swords on the right and it almost is like they are staring at each other. I can almost see the battlefield too. Curmbling walls, have torn down brick structures. The 7 of Swords is running and vanishes quickly into thin air as she runs into the distance. The 4 of Swords sits and prepares to to go out and fight her.



Great observations Vix!

What I see in the 4 of swords is someone very defensive. Defending itself even before being attacked. Using an offensive position as a defense mechanism. The faerie wants to look fierce so others will stay away. I think this faerie is insecure, and scared. Notice how he hides behind the closed walls yet looks defiant.

In the 7 of swords I see stealth, planning, control, premeditation. Look how the fey blends into the wall, it is night time or dusk. This faerie is also more mature than the faerie in the 4 of swords.

I would definetly be more scared of the fey in teh seven of swords than the one in the 4 of swords. With the 4 of swords faerie you will see it coming, with the 7 of swords you better watch your back it will all happen before you know it.