Mythic Tarot - World


Hermaphroditus dances within the egg formed by the golden serpent that is eating its own tail. One head wears a crown while the other wears a laurel wreath. Each hand holds a golden staff. Each of the four suit elements appear around the egg shape.

World Snake/Ouroboros
  • wholeness, self-realization, the eternal, a divine self-sufficiency
  • said to be both male and female, self-impregnating, self-feeding, immortal and complete
  • image of both God and nature, embodied in one symbol
  • suggests that in every end there is a new beginning
Cosmic Egg
  • potential, the beginning, the womb, creation, resurrection
  • something whole or complete unto itself
Golden Staff
  • connected to Hermes’ magic wand since the reborn personality has the potential to create more in the realms of feeling, imagination, mind and matter
  • untapped and limitless potential
  • that which can accomplish anything
  • having all that is required within one’s own hands
  • symbol of magical transformation
Elemental Symbols
  • potentials which await development in the new personality – Aphrodite’s cup of love, Zeus’ wand of creative imagination, Athene’s sword of intellect and Poseidon’s pentacle of physical reality
  • son of Hermes and Aphrodite
  • The nymph Salmacis desired him, but he wasn’t interested in her. When he was bathing in a pool, she embraced him tightly and called to the gods to never let them be parted. They were then fused into one being with both male and female characteristics
  • the experience of being whole
  • symbol of the potential integration of the opposites within one’s personality
  • this wholeness is an ideal that is out of reach of imperfect humans; but it can see glimpsed whenever there is a state of inner healing because warring parts of oneself have at last come together and some inner resolution has brought peace

Written in my workbook on 14 Aug 91:
The World Snake symbolizes permanent happiness, a state we all aim for but few achieve. Hermaphroditus is the strength, energy and self-assurance that is needed to make the ultimate growth - the unification of all opposites. Hermaphroditus is surrounded by joy from the completion of the ultimate journey. Uncertainty over the Fool's next journey surrounds the World Snake, from which the Fool will emerge. The wand of imagination, pentacle of wealth, cup of love and sword of the mind are embedded in the uncertainty to help the Fool in the next journey.

My key color was cobalt (coolness, serenity, happiness, permanence).