Nicoletta Ceccoli ~ Six of Swords


I think this card is slightly more upsetting than the traditional RWS image. The ferry is a coffin and the girl is sleeping within. She has rosy cheeks and a rose red bow in her hair.
Like Death, this card is also about transition, a peaceful and quiet passage into another place. The bunny is like Charon, the ferryman of Hades who carries souls across the river to the other side. Except that this is a toy bunny with white angel wings and it is crying. (Real Charon did not cry, he was fierce with burning eyes.)
There are toys scattered everywhere in the river. A toy giraffe in the background seems to be very distressed.
This card is a bit of a mystery to me. Transition, rest. Abandoning childhood or childish ways. Saying goodbye to the past, leaving the past behind.
What else?

LWB: When something has failed or been defeated, it takes time to recover. Seek out whatever help you need to heal from the situation. If you are the victor, do not gloat. Key concepts: Rest after anxiety, compassion for all parties involved.