Nicoletta Ceccoli ~ Nine of Wands


The original painting by Nicoletta Ceccoli is called “The Storyteller”.
The girl is resting and reading a book. A big lizard is hanging upside down on the wall and it seems to be reading the book over her shoulder. Or maybe the girl is reading to the lizard as the name of the painting implies?

The lizard is well camouflaged. It has the exact same fishscale pattern and lovely aquamarine colour as the wallpaper it is climbing on. It does not look very scary or threatening. The girl is wearing a red dress and those red shoes that many of the Ceccoli heroines seem to like so much. I think those red shoes are a symbol of strength and independence. These little heroines have lots of stamina and inner power.
The girl is aware of the lizard. Maybe they are friends,maybe not. But she is ready for whatever is coming next. One traditional name for this card is “The Lord of Great Strength” and I think it fits here very well.

LWB: All the power you need will be at your disposal when the time is right. You can relax for the moment and trust that you’ll know when to act. Continue to build up your strength. Key concepts: Gathering resources, biding your time, self-discipline.

She is building up her strength by resting and reading a book which reminds us that there are many ways to become stronger. Becoming well informed, acquiring new information, feeding one’s imagination and learning are all ways to become stronger. Oh, and let’s not forget resting!
The lizard is almost a part of the house since it seems to be growing out the wall. It makes me think of someone who has had a tough childhood or difficulties in her former home/marriage/relationship etc and who is now trying to work out what happened by reading, maybe through counselling, journaling or meditating. The more she finds out about all the lizards in the walls of her house the less threatening they become.

ana luisa

I LOVE this card in particular but it takes me back to "The Yellow Wallpaper". You and your environment becoming one.