OshoZen - Fire: "Sharing" (Queen of Fire)


I like this Queen's openness to all possibilities, because what the Universe offers is unlimited, and she knows this well.
She does not give (IMO) to her detriment, she finds herself "full" first and then it seems natural to extend that fullness to others.
I'm just becoming aware of how important it is to rid myself of a "scarcity" mentality. When I look at my world, I do see that there is not only enough, but also more than enough. In this I can see my world changing, suddenly I realize more smiles on peoples faces, I sense the goodness that surrounds me, I feel safe, and only wish to give it forth.


I would like to compare this card to the traditional Queen of Wands. She (wands-fire, doesn't matter) strikes me as a very non-self-important archetype. Vesta or Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth & Home (& abundance), though like Solitaire (aka Lyric) has mentioned, the motherly instinct overrides the feeling that you share only what you can afford.

She also is the patron goddess of new adventures & projects. This card makes me feel that she is giving well-wishes to the performer (in life or in action) & that we get back what we put into life.

Queens are cardinal, & fire is about new beginnings as well. So I see this card as the beginning of a beginning of a beginning (whew that was hard to type without making a mistake!) The primal force of life. Health.


And what of the candle....enlightenment? Does this Queen also have wisdom to share?

Too many people place an emphasis on the material and the lack. Why do we spend so much time worrying about what we haven't got, when we should focus and be grateful for that which we have?

Yes, you can give material things, but as Solitaire pointed out, we can give other things such as time (or love, or patience, or understanding).

Have you ever seen that movie, Pay it Forward? How wonderful to be able to give unconditionally to someone. Sharing breeds sharing.

with love


This is a card of the heart center, and nonattachment, and gratitude, and giving, and appreciative joy. This is a card that takes pleasure in the pleasure of others. I love that the source of fire in this card is not just the huge, distant sun but a close, intimate candle. This is love, up close and personal--but not.