Pearls of Wisdom - Four Kings

Rede Seeker

Here's an odd thing I noticed concerning the Kings and the Runes:

King of Wands: Uruz (right side) and Fehu (left side)
King of Swords: Uruz (right) and Tiwaz (left)
King of Pentacles: Fehu (right) and Wunjo (left)
King of Cups: no Runes

Uruz = Health, vitality, wholeness, strength
Fehu = Primal fire, wealth, motive force
Tiwaz = Justice, hierarchy, right order in the Worlds
Wunjo = Joy and fellowship

All consistent with the King they are connected with in the Pearls of Wisdom deck. Any thoughts on why there are no Runes for the King of Cups?

6 Haunted Days

I read this a few hours ago, and looked the card over closely for any hidden rune. You're right there is none.

So I've been ruminating as to why this king of all of them has no runes. I confess I'm drawing a blank here. Perhaps I'm just too tired right now.

Rede did you have any ideas?


Sorry I'm not any help at all here, I don't know much about runes so have no idea why the King of Cups has none :(

Rede Seeker

Rune-free Cards

I think the reason some of the cards in this deck do not have Runes is that there just wasn't space on the card for them. Here's my list of cards without Runes:

Cups: Seven and King
Swords: Two, three, and ten
Pentacles: Ace and two
Wands: Five and Page

Major Arcana: High Priestess, Wheel of Fortune, Justice, Temperance, and Devil

Fourteen out of seventy-eight cards do not have Runes along the borders or in the central image of the card.

6 Haunted Days

I was reading the companion booklet today and noticed in the dedication part she mentions the King of Cups and later says he manifested (along with other cards) as a guide in the paintings.

Maybe this has something to do with the no runes on the card? Who knows!