Pearls of Wisdom - Seven of Cups

Rede Seeker

Fetch a magnifying glass and check out the cups - the four lower cups are marked with a heart, spade, club, and diamond - similar to the suit-symbols on the bottom banner for each card. The two hightest cups and the cup balanced on the lady's head are golden, different shapes, adorned with pearls (as the other four are) but uncommitted to a suit.

There is a berry-red woman, naked but adorned with pearls at her ears and neck; green bracelets on both wrists. In her right palm she balances the cup of diamonds; in her left, the cup of clubs. A rainbow arcs over her head and connects the cups she balances in her palms. The woman is sun-blonde and sits in a meditative pose. Her human eyes are closed; her third eye is open. The lady's belly has a clockwise sworl pattern; the sun at the top of this card has a counter-clockwise sworl in yellow and orange. The lady is sitting on a cloud set against a blue sky.

The cup of hearts (lower left corner) has hearts streaming out of it. The cup of spades (lower right corner) has butterflies streaming out of it. Both of these cups have a thread of crystal-colored water overflowing it's rim.

In addition to the rainbow, the cup of diamonds has stars and light rays streaming out of it; the cup of clubs has flames rising out of it. The cup the lady balances on her crown chakra has seven vapor trails rising out of it.

Two cups rest on clouds above the lady's head but below the sun; one cloud on the right side of the card; the other on the left. Both cups are being filled by two larger cups on the border of the card. These larger cups are connected by a rainbow similar to the cups the lady balances on her palms. The cups resting on the clouds have streams of crystal-colored water overflowing their rims. The clouds they rest on are shedding raindrops.

There are no Runes on this card.

What a sense of peace I get from this version of the seven of cups! Other decks carry a mild anxiety vibe - which to choose? Other versions of the seven of cups has the chooser separated from his/her choices. On the Pearls of Wisdom version, the chooser and the to-be-chosen are not separated. Her meditative pose suggests that she is letting her inner vision see and choose for her. The balancing of cups on her palms rather than gripping them more securely indicates her openess to outcome. Her hair is in motion - an indicator of inspiration? All the elements are represented and 'mystery cups' are available, too.

The lady's berry-coloring escapes me - I don't get a 'raw cold' vibe (after all - she is naked on a cloud being rained upon). Perhaps it's an indicator of her rootedness - red being the color of the root chakra - even though she is supsended in the air.

The green bracelets are a puzzle for me, too. They seem to be beaded. I don't get a shackle-vibe from them. The pearls at her throat and ears are symbols of her power and - perhaps - her right to choose for herself? In which case, the bracelets may symbolize her release from bondage. They haven't evolved into pearls yet, but that transformation is in-progress?

In a reading, I would say that the querent has choices. That he/she is part of the choice process not some passive participant in creation of his/her own Wyrd. The right choice will be made if he/she sees with his/her 'Wisdom-Eye' from a calm space.


With most of my decks I don't use reversals. THey just aren't neccessay.

But in this deck I get just as much from reversals as I do from upright. They're amazing! OR perhaps I just relate to them more than I do "standard" decks, other themed decks.

I love the 3-D effects in these cards under a magnifying glass!!
I was gifted with this deck - and I, too, thought they would be just too busy to fool with. All those pearls hanging everywhere. Boy was I wrong! My eye is drawn to one thing or another upon answering a question - I find that I don't need to concern myself with every single thing on the card at any given moment. Besides, I swear they change from reading to reading anyway. ;)

I have found many more symbols when I look at them reversed also. Card symbols and such stand out when the mind isn't trying to "make sense" of all the picture elements. I am quite surprised that this deck is as deep, and pleasant as it is. If I hadn't had it in my hands like this I never would have bought it. Or recommended it. Now I can't recommend it highly enough!!! :)


green is the color of life - perhaps she carries her circle of life upon her arms so as to always be aware of it. It encircles her in a place where she can see it and use it - upon her wrists. Just one idea of many.

Rede Seeker

Green bracelets

Green is the color of the Heart Chakra, too. More food for thought.


I love this card and I love what you've had to say about it Rede Seeker and Skydancer.

This card makes me think of creative visualisation. It has a ritualistic air about it, as do a lot of the cards in this deck and (also like a lot of the cards in this deck), it has a very Pagan feel.

She is visualising what she wants and so is making her dreams a reality. This is an interpretation I often use with the 7 of Cups but even more so with this card.
She has 'gone into herself' to search for what she really needs and out of all those possibilities floating around her, she will pick the 'right' one.


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This woman has dreams, dreams of prosperity and fulfillment. In her mind she sees that she has it all.

Her cups overflow - she has much love to share.

The butterflies - the beauty that life has to offer.

Stars shooting forth - The skies the limit! She can have whatever she wants.

The flames - passion and drive for life.

The sun and rainbow just adds to the happiness and hopefulness of the image. This card shows unbridled possibility, for me. Limitless Potential.


I love the funky 70's vibe to this card.

I agree Emm, there is a sense of limitless possibility here. I also like what Sulis said, in that this woman isn't just daydreaming her life away. She is actively focussing her dreams and working on making them a reality. She's manifesting instead of just imagining.

She seems to have harnessed her own power. She knows what she is capable of. For me, this is the source and answer to that "limitless possibility". If you trust you are capable of creating what you want, you have everything you need. DOes that make sense?


Another quick thought. I keep looking at that rainbow over her head. One cup has stars shooting out of it, while the other is emitting flames. Again, I'm reminded of the idea of how the universe will work with you to help manifest your dreams. I see those stars as power coming from the universe. The flames are the woman's passion and creativity. Together, they produce the rainbow. This isn't just a rainbow of hope for me, it's a promise of success and cooperation from the universe.


That bit about the flames /stars/rainbow. Beautiful and fitting.

Some decks have this card feel more about wasting time in dream. Here there is concentration and focus to make manifest those dreams.

I am once again tickled, warmed and encouraged by Roxi's view.


emmsma said:
That bit about the flames /stars/rainbow. Beautiful and fitting.

Some decks have this card feel more about wasting time in dream. Here there is concentration and focus to make manifest those dreams.

I am once again tickled, warmed and encouraged by Roxi's view.

Yes, this is a truly optimistic deck. It seems to emphasize the positive side of each card, and I love this, because there truly is always a way to see things with hope and optimism.

"You are the creator of your own life!" That's the real message of this entire deck, don't you think?


Wonderful way to put it.

I'm really grateful and glad every day to have the opportunity to share and learn Roxi's view of the world.