Pearls of Wisdom - Six of Cups

Rede Seeker

How curious - the double-helix pattern on the golden cups is entwined serpents with a pearl at their tails and a pearl at their mouths. It is similar to the caduceus - the staff of Hermes and symbol of health and wholeness. Variations of the twined serpents appear on ambulances in the US.

The central figure is a naked woman covered with a thin, transparent, short gown bound at the hips with a string of pearls ending in a heart pendant. She wears two golden bracelets on her left hand (another serpent image, perhaps, or a sign of bondage?). A circlet of daisies keeps her long golden hair in place. She wears pearl earrings and necklace. Her expression is one of contentment, perhaps meditation or trance. The Lady's eyes are closed, yet she hefts a large golden ewer on her right shoulder and pours a clear blue liquid into golden cups at her feet. The liquid fills the cups to their brims and beyond, forming a pool at her feet. She pours unerringly into the top cup, which then cascades to the two cups beneath it and further cascades to the three cups beneath them. Tulips grow around the Lady's feet at the edge of the small pool she stands in.

A dirt path can be seen behind the Lady. It winds it's way to a Green Earth Spirit on the horizon. The Earth Spirit's position is difficult for me to read. She is laying on her back, a sworl of energy on her belly. Directly over her pelvis is a large, sun. I'm getting a 'regeneration' vibe, but I think there's more to it.

A young girl in proper pink dress and shoes wearing a circlet of dasies runs along the path. Another young girl in an identical outfit sits on a swing. There is a doll in the grass near her. There is a teddy bear in the grass near the running girl. The grass near both girls is filled with daisies and a yellow flower, buttercups or maybe dandelions.

The top border is a golden fixture of some kind, like siamese faucets, releasing a strong stream of crystal blue liquid. We don't see the source of the liquid, only it's abundance flowing from the golden faucets. These faucets are decorated with a vine pattern and twelve pearls. Crystal blue liquid flows down both sides on the border, filling the cups at the bottom of the border. There are three cups on each side; they form a pyramid. Liquid from the top cup flowing freely to the two it rests upon. Liquid continues to flow onto the bottom of the card.

The Rune Kenaz is marked on the left-hand column; Berkano is marked on the right.
Kenaz = first aettir, sixth Rune = physical transformation; a change in physical state
Berkano = third aettir, second Rune = birth and life changes
Rune Total = Kenaz + Berkano = 6 + 18 = 24 = Othila = home, heritage, Clan and kin; also the end of the Elder Futhark - a cycle has been completed. Othila is my Rune of 'Journey's End' and the welcome that come when one returns Home.

This Six of Cups concerns remembrance; the impact one's childhood has on one's adulthood; of those things of the Soul that we carry with us through all our physical transformations (child to adolescent to adult to mother/father, etc.)

I get a vibe of groundedness (the dirt path) even though the Lady stands in a pool of liquid. Her near-nakedness contributes to that groundedness vibe. She has nothing to hide, provided we take the time to look. She doesn't flaunt herself, but she doesn't hide herself, either.

The presence of Berkano and Othila provide a feeling of completion - some Life event is active.