Renaissance Tarot (Jones / Lyle) - Knight of Swords


Against a violet background is an air spirit, I'm presuming this is a sylph.
He has his back to us, his sword is drawn and ready for action and his arms are spread wide.
His tail is tipped with feathers and he has beautiful wings which are spread wide with his arms.
He has feathers in his hair.
In the top corners of the card are 2 winged stars and in the bottom corner are 2 birds that could be doves - at first I thought they were geese but they don't have webbed feet. They are standing facing us with one wing up and one wing down - I have no clue as to their significance.

I think that there is more to the Court cards in this deck than it first appears. At first glance they all seemed a bit 'samey' to me but looking at them now, there does seem to be a lot there.
His sword is drawn so he's ready for a fight or an argument yet his arms are open so he isn't defensive, he is open to new ideas and thoughts.
The winged stars make me think that this guy is probably a bit idealistic.

Thoughts anyone?


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I really like this Knight of Swords! Unlike other Knight of Swords cards I don't really get a feeling of aggression from him. Moreover, I really get a sense of peace from this card.

Grace is the word that keeps springing to mind. The pose of the figure seems very graceful. He reminded me of a ballet dancer (but obviously not quite as he has no feet :D) just from the posture of his arms.

According to the LWB the winged stars in the top corners symbolise "hope and guidance" and the birds are doves, who symbolise "joyful messengers". Perhaps this is why I get peace rather than usual aggression with this card.

For me the winged stars and doves emphasised the messenger role of the knight. There is no horse but the sense of movement is still present, he looks as if he is ascending upwards.

For me it represented a time when messages are clear, thought is clear, there is purpose. Whatever action is taken will be appropriate as it is informed and performed with skill. Going back to the ballet dancer analogy as they train for years to perfect movements.

I get confidence from this card, I think because his back is turned, like he is unafraid of what is behind him. But I don't feel that this confidence is over inflated, like I do with other knight of swords cards, rather it is a confidence that comes from a position of strength and assurance.

While I don't get aggressiveness when he is upright, reverse him and he does look poised and ready to strike and takes on an entirely different persona. He looks as though he is falling from grace.

Little Baron

I like the ballet-dancing analogy. The first thing that I thought of was an ice-skater, which is similar, down to the way he is holding his arms out. I wonder if this charismatic posture has anything to do with articulate speech and thought. An ability to communicate effectively and clearly. I think those stars show someone who has a little stage presence and who others listen to. That arm movement seems to command respect and attention. It's a real 'listen to me kind of stance. He may be a little showy.



What you wrote there about stage presence and being showy, made me think of a stage actor, who is performing a slightly over the top one man version of a Shakespearean play.

This made me think of rehearsed movements and perhaps a lack of authenticity, or perceived lack of authenticity, resultant of going over possible 'scenes' to many times in your own mind. Or a stubborness as if "this IS the way this is going to play out."


He's headed away from us. Those little birds have their own ideas but he doesn't care; he's got his "flying orders" and off he goes!


I love the court cards in this deck, especially the elemental aspect to them. I get a real sense of flying or more specifically, floating, from the figure in this card. As others have said, a feeling of action without agression.

I wouldn't have guessed that those birds were doves, though...


WooMonkey said:
I wouldn't have guessed that those birds were doves, though...

Me either, they seem a little large for doves.