Sabian Symbol Inspired!!!


Hi Everyone,

I wasn't sure where to post this as it came from the daily draw spread but I couldnt resist.
It is so Sabian Symbol Inspired!!! :)

I would love to know your interpretation of these!!!!

Mooncat2 said:
I look forward to what comes next. I wonder if there is a symbol that reads
"Woman waiting impatiently beside mailbox"

Sunflowr said:
I have one...

"Boy longing for junky cereal and getting wheaties instead".

Or how about...

"Woman arguing with husband over whether to watch Leno or Letterman".

Helvetica said:
Here's another Symbol : Woman finding meaning in the crinkle of a crisp packet.

Skydancer said:
Here's one -

A world-traveled American woman wonders what a crisp packet is.

If you've got time, maybe you could add you Commentarty to these. :)

My one this evening would be:

Leo Degree 762: Lady picking cat hair out of her computer Keyboard.
This represents being distracted by small things when one could be concentrating on more serious matters. The cat hair eventually has to be removed, but by what method? Concentrating on trying to remove them one by one takes time. But blowing like a Southerly wind onto the key board is not the solution. This causes the cat hair now be all over the table and float into the the hot beverage she has just made. Resorting to wiping the table leads to the cat hair now being on the floor and all over her sleeve as well. Are you creating your own problems. Is the keyboard clean yet? Is your hayfever starting to flare as well as your temper.
You made need to incorporate the use of many tools for this solution. Dusting cloth, spray cleaner, water, disinfectant, feather duster, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, dryer. These will possibly fix the dilema. Though you are more likely to get inspiration from a higher source - your brain.
The solution is right beside you! Dont let the cat jump up on the table!!!!
The Caution here is not to yell and chase the furry trouble maker as shedding occurs under stress - to both cat and yeller:)

Im going back to my REAL Symbols - help :)
Just a bit of fun!! Maybe we could give this Oracle to Madam Lemony Snicket (the great misfortune teller)!!!

Have a good day!
Elven x


Banana skins

Hey Elven et al

Great interpretation of cat hair on the keyboard!!

How about Banana Skins in the Corridors of Power? That was suggested by an English friend of mine some years ago and it's stuck in my consciousness.

A neat idea would be to think up 360 of these (that's a lot, admittedly!!) and put them in a basket. One by one, you'd pull them out at random, and label the bits of paper - starting at Aries 1, Aries 2, Aries 3, etc.

That would be great fun. And it would no doubt work. All these things work on some level :)

It's great that the Sabian Symbols are getting such a look in on this fabulous Forum ! When I first started promoting them some 12 years ago, almost nobody had heard of them (except some astrologers, of course). Now, I hear people talking about them all the time. Such fun!

Greetings from DownUnder



Here is mine..

Newfoundland Swimming

(you could call them monsoon dogs you know - as they EXIT the water!)




Hhahaha Marina - do you take you dog swimming and have to wear full wet weather gear :) LOL. I had a Samoyed like that - except he would fish in the filthiest creeks for mosquito wigglers. He'd come into the house covered in orange and green slime and smelling like a garbage dump, wagging his tail and wanting to sit on the lounge!! :)

Today my inspired Symbol is:

A Canary in a Coal Mine.
The Coal Mine is not the most ideal place to be in - especially if your a Canary. It is cold and damp, noisy and dark. You are placed in this environment for a reason, but unbeknown to you, its not for your good looks and sweet voice. Miners aren't that keen on bringing their pets to work - so?! You may need to see beyond the darkness and get out of their before you fall off your perch.

If this relates to your situation, are you sitting somewhere which is cold and damp, noisy and dark, and confined? Are you smoking like a chimney, have 15 incense sticks burning, a plug in room deoderiser on high, a curry in the microwave, and the gas heater on? Do you feel as if your environment your in has something to do with that nasty cough and flem attack?

This maybe a time to open the doors and windows and greet the sunshine outside before you fall off your chair. Get out of the cage and go down to the local park and sit amongst the real trees.

Note: Oh, and remember to turn off the gas before you leave!

Elven x


The Canary degree

Haha, Elven, you've been in my living room!

I love it... it's great