Sabian Symbols:Feng Shui and other uses


Well I have recently moved, and I think the Symbols can be used for placement of 'energy' stuff - like feng shui in the home, when you see a symbol - like the neighbours washing on the line.. the well groomed public park across the road etc.. its like you see more meaning and well I have been arranging things with the Sabian Symbols in mind..




Hi Marina :)

This is very interesting!

How do you choose the Symbol? Is it just by association - like seeing something in your home environment that reminds you of a Symbol - or do you have some way of calculating it also.

For example: (Gotta tell you, I just opened the book at any page and this is what the Symbols were - Sheesh!!:))LOL!!

Aries 18: An empty hammock hangs between two lovely trees.
I guess I would see this as being related to the garden and outdoors. Making a peaceful area which supports a place to relax and think - even rest and sleep in the sunshine. A place and time out for reflection.

Aries 19: A magic carpet hovers over the depressing reality of everyday life in an industrial area.
I would translate this as being able to redecorate, paint, vacuum, air quality in the home or environment, putting a new rug or carpet down in your favourite room.

(Actually both of them fit my own situation quite nicely at the moment)

Is this how you would see them also?

Great idea Marina!!:)

Elven x


Didn't see your reply until just now -- way cool!! :) (gotta love it!)

MCSea - ever since reading your post I have been wondering about Feng Shui and the Symbols also. Can't quite put my finger on it though. But, I have several books here on FS - and I'll have to see how they tie in for me. Undergoing massive redistribution of personal goods here lately ... ;)

So, just for fun ... went to Lynda's site for a quick reading about FS and Symbols and me personaly .... and .... got Pisces 26:


Okay, not a new moon just now (but as stated, new moon could mean new beginnigs, which I am certainly doing) but let's not be picky!! *lol*

More later ~



Sorry this has taken me SOOO long to get back to..

ANYWAY we just moved into our new home, and I got some great FS advice for the house BUT being ME I kept seeing the symbols in the house, or around the house - opposite our new home we have a
LARGE WELL KEPT PUBLIC PARK Taurus 25 (which by the way the day we decided if we were GOING to buy this house I asked the cards and I asked give me a symbol to LOOK for to make sure this is the house we should buy - ARGHHH yes really, THEN we made the offer!)

The laundry one for the neighbours backyard.. anyway so how I am using it is to look for the symbol - like the painting or the corner or the direction that I feel is being challenged in a Feng Shui way and look it up in the back or Dr Marc Edmund Jones book - where there is a list of key words like horse, carpet, man, mermaid, and lists all the symbols that correspond to that symbol, I then read Lynda's book to work out the energy - is it good, how can I transform - move - change it to make it 'better'... mainly cause I see the symbols everywhere, its like working 'back' to the source... and it confirms things for me... balances and sorts and assists....


Symbols everywhere ;)




Thinking that there are 360 degrees and the directional thing can be used in Feng Shui its probably complimentary.. so Lynda we need a book
with a circle of the symbols as an easy reference.. or in quarters or something then we can see say from the front door which symbol is where.. and how to relate to it.. and the same as Feng Shui it could start 0 degrees Aries could be 0 degrees north too..




Hi MCsea, hows things? :)

So do you mean with the FS that you would be in a room and place the astrological circle north - starting with Aries - and then see which Symbol related to, for example: a right hand corner of the room, or the door, or where the couch would best be placed?, and then see what the interpretation from the Symbol would be?

Just getting my bearings on this idea :)

Elven x



WEll I 'feel' it can be like the western Feng Shui, and we dont want 360 things in each roon in our home, but most people know the basics of Feng Shui- we want happy CHI.. using the Sabian Symbols we can 'see' the chi..
You know look in the bottom cupboard - reminds me of the dark arch with the 10 logs.. that bare corner could have a a gardian angel pic in it - but if the SS 360 Wheel indicated that a blue bird is a better placement then it could go there, I look out the window and see two parrots sitting on my fense and look to Aquarius 15 and look up what it means..
I guess when I started the thread I was just looking for meaning in the symbols I SAW, but now I have been looking and I see the symbols working in harmony in my home - or not as the case with the logs ;)

I also suppose if we had the wheel we could test it out better, but when some people have lots of accidents at the front door, the symbol 'might' be one of the accient ones.. and we could help shift the chi - or the symbol with the placement of other symbols....