Sacred Circle - The Green Man


I had a "Green Man" experience with our big Pine tree.
My wife and I were out looking at the Moon, and when
we turned around, facing the darkly billowing branches
we both saw a face... I said, "This is about the people
moving in across the street ~ I'll bet they prune the
Pines something fiecrce." Sure enough, chainsaw city.

We ain't gonna do no pruning...


As the living force of nature, the Green Man doe what his intuition calls him to do. Surrounded by his true envirionment, he exists to counter our destructive nature of infrastrucutre, however nessacary it may be. Ancient Sentinal of primal information, the Green man can be seen as the Egyptain Tarots Magician, and considering the occasional switch of defintions this deck does sometimes (Underworld & Tower) its worth noting.


green man

If I was given the Green Man in answer to my question asking for guidance...what would you take that to mean ?


The Green Man is the Lord of the Woods, Master of Beasts, he was getting in the great marriage on Beltane.

Sometimes he shows up as our shadow, something we have long neglected, wishes we have suppressed (this is what the Legend Arthurian deck told me). He is the wild side in our self, maybe also the side most ppl suppress or neglect.


wishes we have long supressed...the wild side of ourself.... So this means its time to go out and do all those things I've never done ? Like ask the RAF for a shot of a harrier jet ? Try sky-diving ? sell the house and all that's in it and buy an ocean-going yacht ? damn. The family won't let me. They will have me locked up!!


I met the GreenMan the other day for the first time, it's hard to tell if he's coming or going. What struck me is the sort of between worlds, neither here nor there, the illusive, elusive quality about him... it's like he's emerging, coming into focus and yet could simply disappear into the woodwork.

It sort of reminds me of a chameleon, that ability to blend into his surroundings but has enough personality and individuality to stand out. He is in and of his element, at one with his world.

I"m trying just to read him as he is without thinking of the Fool or even 0, because he is un-numbered. But in a way he is full of potential, that is just beginning to be noticed and seen, given more concentration and focus he becomes more formed and distinct. That without a sense of awareness and attention to detail, he could be passed by without notice.

I would think that this is using the resources around you to either stand out or as a defense... or as an indication it is time to emerge and show yourself.

That stare... I think is seeing through the outer appearances and into you, that he sees exactly what and who you are and perhaps that is why it feels a bit squirmy and uncomfortable under his scrutiny. He sees beneath the surface of things, so it could be a message of superficial natures of some sort.

I would also see the playful side... hide and seek, Where's the GreenMan? Surprise and the element of wonder... as well as being so immersed in what you do that you become part of it. It could be feeling insignificant, as part of the landscape.

It could also be about things hidden and unknown and not being able to see the forest for the trees. That feeling that your eyes are playing tricks on you and you aren't really sure what you see... that what you are looking for is right infront of you, if you stop and really look and the differences and details.

It's a really different card for a Fool, but he does make a good case for that state of being and non being, that space where you are between worlds and yet to become one thing or another and can become anything.


magpie9 and all, great discussion. I like to hear of all the different ways of associating the greenman with the tarot. I consider the greenman as ruling, and encompassing, the spring fool, but equating with the emperor and horned one, in combination as dual light/dark aspects. I've read varying accounts of whether he's the oak or holly king so I guess he's both.


---Wales Woman ,your last paragraph just hit me between the eyes ! lolol Yes, I can take this bit. This is it for me, I think.



The GreenMan is not a fool IMO, he is just starting his own way, he is unexperienced, but brave enough to walk his way. (like Robin Hood i.e.) That is important to me. The GreenMan is not satisfied with his current situation. This card tells me: Start going/moving. Because for me it is often difficult to do the FIRST step. And the position of the card shows me the direction where to go.