Seven of Pentacles


Robin Wood's "Seven of Pentacles" depicts a man who reminds me of the gent in the "Six of Pentacles," though the man in the "Six" is obviously wealthy from a material standpoint (nobleman/royalty/merchant) and the man in the "Seven" is wealthy of the earth (farmer/gardener/peasant). Both of these guys seem kindly,grounded and happy, however the farmer appears more attuned to actual nature than the nobleman is.

Interestingly, Robin's key words for the Seven of Pentacles are "material progress." Because we all aren't gardeners, we all are not waiting for our plants to bear fruit in the literal sense. However, when this card appears in a spread, I note that perhaps the querent is waiting for the results of his/her hard work or study...the pot at the end of the rainbow so to speak. Or, the querent might be in the thick of such work, with some time left to go before it's finished. One important point here for me is patience...something that I'm constantly reminding myself to practice and a virtue which I remind the querent of, as well. I do not believe we, as humans, know all there is to know about time...that is, time isn't something we can completely control, nor is its entirety necessarily even of our dimension. Therefore, we can't always know when something "should" happen. That said, a gardener can usually sow his/her seeds, carefully tend the seedlings which become plants, and can usually expect some kind of crop from such effort. But I'm reminded that the word "usually" can include all sorts of unplanned events that can get in the way of our efforts. And those events can be seen or unseen; obvious or not fact, the so-called events can include actual people (including the querent himself/herself) who stand in the way of seeing something through to fruition.

I appreciated how Robin, in her book, pointed out that this gentleman wears gloves as he tends the land. He wears a hat to guard from the sun's hot rays during his long workday. He wears rugged clothing. He uses a long-handled garden tool of some kind. He's not a foolish guy who doesn't make use of the equipment that will help him achieve his end. He has noticed what works and what doesn't in his field and this knowledge gets built upon each time he puts in a hard day's labor. He has studied the land and is pleased to tend it. He is joyful in his work.


It is one of my favorite cards of this deck. The man makes me think of a character in The Blending serie (the earth practitionner).

It look like a very earthy and practical man. He seem also to have a green thumb. Or a land owner. There is a lot of green on the card. Maybe he have invested into some land or in some other investment...