Six of Pentacles


The gentleman in the "Six of Pentacles" reminds me, via his dress and demeanor, of being related somehow (kin) to folks in the Pentacle court cards of the Robin Wood deck. This card, to me, shows how everything is brighter when people's needs and feelings aren't ignored and when sharing/helping rules the opposed to what's going on in the Four and Five of Pentacles in Robin's deck.

Most noticeable is the kindly expression on the man's face. He seems genuinely caring and free of being smug. In the book, I appreciated that Robin explained more about the scale the man is holding. Robin says, "The pans of the scales are perfectly balanced. There is fairness here, and equity."

It's kind of hard to actually see this fully, but the receivers are all dressed in rags...they are not totally unlike the people depicted in Robin's Five of Pentacles. Here, however, there is hope. Pentacles, being of the earth, also can represent money and the money given in this card can go a long way to help the receivers out of the depths of poverty.

When this card does come up reversed, however, (and of course depending on the spread and where it falls) I often get various not-so-nice feelings...maybe the giver is doing so out of guilt or resents having to give anything; perhaps the receivers are scamming and deceitful...not really needing what is given; maybe the giver is domineering and just occasionially throws out scraps to keep the masses quiet; or perhaps the receivers need much more than what is offered...barely being able to make ends meet, etc....