Shadowscapes Study - Seven of Swords


"An attempt to escape responsibility. It is the thief who tries to make away with what is not his." -Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore

In the Rider-Waite-Smith depiction, we see a man carrying five swords away from a camp that he is looking back at. In the Shadowscapes deck, the 7 of sword is less apparently a thief. We do see him with a sword in his hand and his back turned away from the rest of them, suggesting that he could have stole them. However, this depiction could be intrepret very openly I think.

Perhaps he is has chosen one sword for his task ahead and leaving the others behind (similar to 8 of cups of the RWS but not total abandonment of the past). Perhaps he is reclaiming something that once was his (he doesn't look so guilty as the guy in the RWS artwork). There is a sword higher than the rest and it has a bright sunny aura around it. Maybe this may mean the choice the querent has chosen isn't the best choice out there. He does gaze at the sword as if in contemplation.

There is the dichotomy of the white, powerful but lonesome swan and the many smaller blackbirds (possibly crows). Perhaps the strength of the pure and honest looks like it can be out numbered by the more tainted forces around it, but it should continue to stand it's higher ground.

The man in the image has black wings and beastly legs. He is kind of a devilish or sinister character. He is wearing a black mask. At least in my observation, masks in this deck symbolizes illusions, delusions, or deception. The mask is tied on with a red ribbon (as with most of the masks in this deck) which means the mask controls the figure.

Even though this card can be open to interpretations, it does resonant strongly with the original RWS meaning for the 7 of Swords. What are some of your interpretations?


maybe that sword was the easiest to get..

i can't help but feel there is a deeper religious symbolism here. most swords here are pinned to the rock, making them look like crosses.
the highest of them is illuminated by the ray of light, making me think of the cross of jesus christ. she also seems to protect that one the most.

we're left with a protected sword and a stolen one...

the thief also seems a sort of an impostor: he is neither fully angel, human, nor demon. he must pretend a lot [his mask]
i also think the swan was alerted by the blackbirds regarding the missing sword, but perhas she can let the thief have it..?