Sleepiness with Faeries


Has this happen to anyone else? Any clue what this means?

I am probably in need of more sleep than I allow myself, but whenever I do other things around the house, or read something else in the same manner, no matter boring or exciting, I can stay awake.

But as soon as I start looking at the Faeries Oracle or reading the book, I get really drowsy and fall asleep. It doesn't matter where or how I sit. I'm still new but it's happened every time.

Makes it really hard to get to know them. OTOH, I wonder if they are trying to tell me I need to sleep more.


I had the exact opposite happen. Id hear them 'chatting' all the time in my head. I had to step away from them for some time because it would get very distracting. Maybe chatting isnt the right word to discribe it but in a clairvoyent/ audient sense. A very fiery type of energy to them, and always active in a playful way.


Yes I recognise "ghost" story as well... The fearies are often very powerfell . They more often then not are quite overwhelming...The fairy oracle is called an oracle deck but for me it works different than an oracle..A lot are quite chatty and it feels as a very powerfull connection.

I love working with the fairies but they do drain your energy because they are so full of energy exciting, joyable but overwhelming as well.. Maybe you can try to read one card at a time ( i often do this because for a lot of their energyit takes to connect) to see how this works for you?..I rarely finish a complete spread in one try for this reason and even in one day



From day one when I first got this deck, I experienced the exact opposite. They seem to keep me energized while reading with a tarot deck seems to drain me. They have enough energy to sustain the reading where its not as 'one sided' if that makes sense.



I don't think I have noticed becoming sleepier when using the FO, the only time I did was when I tried to meditate, and had a nap instead. I think the sleepy feeling is your body needing more rest, so you have the energy to play with the Faeries.

Hope this helps


Thanks for the responses. I got too busy and didn't get to use the FO or my tarot for some months. They were kinda mad at me and even now I think they're miffed though I think the faeries are very forgiving and understanding.

I do agree, they are a chatty bunch. I "hear" the chatter when they're around, but still I fell asleep.

Anyway, I'm trying to get back to it. Maybe start the favorite/least favorite/universe cards exercises since so much has changed since I started.


Or, sometimes when we fall asleep in such situations, it can mean that we're not yet ready to hear what they have to say.


YES! It happens to me - to my endless fascination with the life of the soul. :)

I don't think our bodies need sleep anywhere nearly as much as our minds, hearts & souls do. Most of us are fairly sedentary these days (unless doing huge amounts of physical labour / exercise) & our lazy bodies usually have all too much inactivity!
It's our need to switch off our rational mind & go into our unconscious, dreaming, a-rational /irrational soul-self that is so vital to health of mind & emotions ... in fact, we soon hallucinate, go 'mad' & even die without sleep - even quicker than we do without food or even water! After air, sleep is our greatest need, in order to remain sane & functional (unless, extremely rarely, people can go into a a hallucinating, trance-like dream-state whilst officially 'awake'). Research shows that people who claim not to sleep actually do go into states of altered brain activity, even if unaware of this. We cannot survive without regular visits to our 'otherworlds'!

So with the Faeries, I wonder if their deep connection with our unconscious minds lures us to join them in the worlds of the Fae ... of the collective unconscious ... of our innermost intuitive selves ... far, far away from the mundane preoccupations of our 'normal' waking lives?
"Come away, o human child,
To the waters & the wild ..."

I too share maddog's experiences of drowsiness, and feel as if entering an altered state of unconsciousness when the Faeries appear, like the characters in Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' or the poems of W.B. Yeats, where the Faeries lure & draw us away from our ordinary lives to experience their inner messages of allegory, symbolism & magic. :)


My faeries don't make me sleepy, but they looooove jasmine grey tea. If I start playing with them, they demand a cuppa. I put a dab of bergamot and jasmine on their pouch.