Steampunk tarot (Moore) - King of Swords


Now this guy oozes the fact he is a scholar. He knows his stuff. And he has integrity enough to find out something if he doesn't know. He would not bluff his way out of a situation, but would instead take the time to arm himself with the correct facts. And once those facts are absorbed into his brain, trust me - they will be there for recall again should the need arise.

As with the King of Cups, this King also has a splendid beard. He has an open book in his hads and appears to be making a written entry of sorts. We see he has a book case next to him, with a hint of signficantly sized books on the top shelf. Are they journals or ledger he has completed? Reference material? Either way, I suspect he is not a collector of novels or fiction. He does indeed prefer facts to fiction. He has a display sword on the same bookcase. We also get a hint of the fact he is travelled and aware of world issues. There is a large globe to his left, and a ship above the sword, on its own shelf.
Therefore his awareness and logic will be quite broad, and based one experiences.

I kinda like this guy. I know most key phrases ask us to consider his sharp side or to be careful of how we communicate, but I feel with him as long as you are honest, he will not have to use his tongue as a sword (if that makes sense).