Tao Stones


forgot to update. my tao stones came in. and, no, I didn't open them yet. They are a Christmas gift! I'm good that way--I can wait. :D


Can't wait til you open them, Celticnoodle!

I like having the proverb and meditation to think about and there are so many combinations. I never get tired of reading them and each time the same one may come up, I glean something new from it!


Reviving Thread...ANYONE use Tao Stones often?

I like them a lot and find the more I use them, the more meaningful and insightful they become. They give me things to ponder, or just a thought for my day, sometimes a focus.

I see them as spirituality, not really for divination. More something to meditate on, not something that will tell me WHAT is going to happen.