The Emperor


Robin's Emperor seems a great pairing with her Empress. Whilst the Empress appears wise and knowing inside, the Emperor looks like he's not kept ANYTHING inside over the years. He also appears to me to be willing to stand up and vocalize/act upon what he believes in, no matter what the consequences.

From a looks standpoint, the Emperor reminds me of a lion...especially with how his hair, both facial and that on his head, flows around his face. Yet, his stern eyes have a certain sense of kindness. Whatever the Emperor makes a decision upon, one can be sure he's being as fair as he knows how.

The Emperor's throne appears to be set amongst the highest of mountains. He is someone to look up to, to respect and to count on. Make no mistake, he is not one to shy away from anyone or anything.


For me, it's a bit wierd card...

This is an important person, sitting in a throne and with great cloths, but... he is the King of desert mountains?! i don't like it... and that bird in the sky, is that a volture??!

He has the world at his feet, so i guess it means he is in control...
I see a horn, in the left top corner of the throne, for me it's a warning or at least a "calling to arms": be on your guard!
There's a "sense of kindness" on his face (like spinningspider said), but i also see authority, by looking at his left hand, he is firmly grabbing the chair.


I find this card very difficult as well. I can explain all the symbols, but I cannot really get a feeling for or a connection with the card.
Everything clearly directs to power, authority, leadership; the purple and red of his clothes, the laurel wreath, scepter, the ram's head, cow's horn and if you wish even his (facial) hair, resembling a lion's manes.
I just don't like his face, however stupid this may sound. He reminds me of an Asian man, or Mongolian, Djengis Khan, haha. Still, both Kublai and Djengis were great warriors, so even that leads to leadership and so on :)
Still, he can maintain himself in the most barren circumstances => the mountains don't seem to be very fertile nor friendly, yet he's still happily king of his domain, no matter what.
He's not easily conned, he's got this powerful glint in his eyes that can make people cringe. Yet I think he will be fair and honest. Someone with great depths as well I think, someone you cannot really fathom easily, I mean, has anyone got a clue what he's really thinking or feeling?
His left hand I find interested: it looks like the claw of a bird of prey. Only just now noticed the sword on his top, in the middle. Fast mind is what I'd say, intelligent, smart (just like the ravens :) I love ravens!)
Well, that's all I can come up with at the mo.



This Emperor (my first really) is a man, who, from his clothing and countenance is of great stature.

He sits upon a throne, carved of stone, seemingly out of place, and at the same time, giving the sense that he is, in fact, completely at home. This, or any other place could be his castle. He is a great and powerful leader of men. His appearance speaks volumes of this fact. Full bearded, showing the gray of an Elder, he is clothed in a white tunic, trimmed in gold, etched with a black print that runs down the front and side. His leggings are bright red and on his feet, which rests upon a globe of the world, are brown leather boots, with a gold inner lining. Draped over his shoulders is a deep purple cloak, also with gold trim embedded with what looks like bright red squares and smaller green rounds of gems, which span his chest, and the clasp holding the cloak in place is a large round gold and black medallion with a ruby set in the center.

His crown is made of leaves (laurel?), and in his right hand he holds the scepter of royalty. His left arm, visible beneath the cloak, was encased in armor and there is an armor plated belt with a ram's head buckle, to match, perhaps, the arm of his throne, also that of a ram's head. Crows are etched into the back board of the throne, seeming to hug either side of his head. Slung over the left upper part of the throne was a hunter's horn with a brown leather strap. Behind him are treeless peaks of red-rock or brownstone mountains.

I can see the tinge of color from the setting sun, and watch a hawk soar across the sky.

I have the sense that he knows exactly who he is, without assailing others with false bravado. He is formal and at the same time was not off-putting. There is wisdom and power radiating from him, and I know he is an honest man, with a pure heart, which is courageous when times called for it. He is a fair minded leader, and holds all within his charge with honor and respect, albeit a firm hand. While he is a man of Faith, he respects that others may hold different views and is learned within all schools of knowledge. This shows great balance and fortitude.

I actually like this card. I feel some kind of kinship with The Emperor.


shiresun said:
There is wisdom and power radiating from him, and I know he is an honest man, with a pure heart, which is courageous when times called for it. He is a fair minded leader, and holds all within his charge with honor and respect, albeit a firm hand.

I just don't see that radiating power, but agree with all the rest, especially when you say he is a honest man and that he is courageous when times call for courage.
And i still think this card is weird! ^.^


Hi Moonson! :)

Thank you for your thoughts on my interpretation of the card. I actually have found this card much more appealing than I expected. Early on, before I even knew which card was which within the deck, did one of those 'which card is you' exercises, and no matter how I did it, I got #4. I didn't want to get into what The Emperor was like then, because I hadn't gotten my deck yet. However, when I looked at the card, right away, it was a card I quite easily related to visually. I think I spent more time with him than the others so far, keeping the card I'm studying where I can see it every day, and working with the information others have seen in it (in the books I am using) to gain more insight into it, after I've done my initial meet and greet with the each card.