Robin Wood, The Empress #3


From the book:

Pregnancy, fertility, good advice, safety, security, hidden actions. A competent woman, safe and secure who is building a future for herself and her family.

What I see: Happy, content, Mothering, someone with a kind word for everyone. But not afraid to put you in your place. I see inner wealth and strength. I see the world as her oyster.


I look at this card and see a woman somewhat youthfl yet experienced in life. She is with child and it's probably not her 1st. She is spinning. She' loving yet can be stern if needed. On the spnning wheel thing are the astrolgogy signs. And on the heart on the tree is the feminine sign. She wears a crown but still works; not above work. She's beautiful and dresses well.
What of the scarf on her head? Modesty?


how would you read the card?


FantasyWorld said:
What of the scarf on her head? Modesty?
Or fashion.

I see this as a card of an experienced person, as you say, not afraid to do the work that needs to be done. I love that RW got the spinning wheel right, that is very rare, most don't understand them or draw them correctly. She is surrounded by abundance, and (snicker!) producing more. Do you notice that SHE is in a valley and the Emperor is on a mountain top?

She would be a woman of the world, in a reading. Someone working to get something accomplished, and making progress. Reversed, she is spinning her wheels.

Tarot Galadriel

I see this Empress as very in touch with nature and a real 'mother' type figure. She is comforting, reassuring and safe.

As for the wheel, I see her as spinning life itself..........


A very calm woman. She seems to have a lot of experience of life. Even if she is pregnant, it don't stop her from being buzy. What she is doing isn't too much demanding. Her environment is quite plentiful. She got all she need to live. I am feeling the viewer of the card are acting as guest to keep her compagny.


The empress reminds me to keep my feet firmly planted in the ground, as too often false sophistication and intense pleasures take us off course. To be kind and caring toward others, with a generous and open spirit as well.

Phoenix Rising

Looking at that spinning wheel, now that Fantasy World pointed it out, i would now see it, as creating our own destinies. to remember the feminine aspect of life, and that it is fine to be a woman(as woman we do tend to become more masculine as to try and prove our worth..well i used to anyway) A person who has alot of talents for creativeness but is unaware(I say this because she's spinning and it's just another chore to her, not realising that she is creative) Everything is based on, clothing, preparing food. And she doesn't need a man either. Although I can't see the emperor on the bank. Self-sufficiency too.


Ooh, I love that card in the Robin Wood!

She looks so together, yet playful, I think she is almost winking at me. There is a song going through her head:

"Birds flying high, you know how I feel, sun in the sky, you know how I feel, breeze drifting on by, you how I feel. It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me...and I'm feeling good. Fish in the sea you know how I feel, river running free you know how I feel, blossom on the tree, you know how I feel... " (loud woodland orchestra takes up chorus).

Is it possible to be deep and playful, protected, protective and free? Oh, Madam Robin Wood Empress knows. She has the knowlege that links matter and spirit as one, and it makes her grin. The life growing inside her extends her heart and her loins. She'll keep it, love it, gives it a home for the time being, but you can see, from her smile and the lightness of her fingers on the spinning wheel, that she won't cling to her child. When the time comes she'll let him go, she'll let him go adventuring, while she spins shirts and stories. She knows the wheel turns...

She sits there, spinning away. Maybe she's spinning linen for her baby, or maybe a new dress for when she's no longer pregnant and she can go dancing again with her dear husband. She looks happy, expectant, but also, somewhat mysterious, as though she borrowed some cosmic dust from her sister the High Priestess, the family seer. But she brought it right down to earth and added it to a great cake recipe.

She is far less dangerous-looking than some other Empresses. Perhaps less sexy, and there is a bit of dirt under her fingernails. But her man thinks she's the best thing since sliced bread. She is just herself, absolutely.


I agree, so far, with what everyone's said. She's beautiful, but caring; wears a crown while doing her work and also has a fur robe on the right side of her chair, like she took it off to get dirty.

Also, has anyone noticed that her thread is spun from a tuft of wool that originates from her dress? I take that as she is spinning herself into the yarn, or into her life. That she knows never to hold back in life.