The Little Window Tarot


Hi Spoon,

Thanks...that's so encouraging!
Don't worry...I'm working on the deck a little every evening...making some real progress!

:) MrsOnePotato

6 Haunted Days

Oooh that Moon card is stunning, bring on some more! : )


This looks great!


I like your style a lot! I look forward to seeing more soon.... :)


Em x


Wow you are good at drawing the cards look great up to now look forward to seeing more and just carry on with the rest the same way you have started and they will be great.


o wow! Somehow your hermit was completely different from what I expected. While I could clearly see the Marseille influence in your moon card, your hermit seems less stylised. I really like the vivid blue and the simple yet effective composition. Your hermit feels like a wise father who is lighting the path. I am very curious to see your next card!


inside view

Well, from my vantage point, over on the couch, I have the unique distinction of seeing a bit further down the line, several cards ahead, and I must say this is going to get beter and better as the big picture develops.

If the hanged man goes up next, you'll begin to see the overall interwoven geometric/graphic structure of the deck start to take off. The picture-plane starts to develop laws of its own, and spaces start to recede in the oddest places. You get to look inside.

I've been lobbying for "The Little Window Tarot" as the title, but I don't know if it will stick...
(So remember you heard it here first!)

Anyway, good job MrsOnePotato!

Keeping an eye on it...

(Mr.) OnePotato


Your Hermit is absolutely lovely. The atmosphere is just perfect!!

This is looking very very promising... I can't wait to see more! :)



I've been working's been slow going. Funny, the cards I thought would be the easiest (that I had the clearest picture of in my mind) are the ones I am struggling with....and a few of the others have surprised me with how quickly they came to life!

Here is The Hanged Man:

Here is The Star and a detail:

I intentionally selected a medium that doesn't allow me to get too fussy or detailed...I enjoy the happy accidents that happen with the interaction of loose brushstrokes and color. Sometimes the 'accidents' aren't so happy though, and I've needed to restart The Empress. The Strength card is so thick with oil pastel now that I fear I must begin that again too....I will set it aside for a few days and look at it fresh later in the week.

Probably next to be finished with will be The Devil. I'll post when it's done!

Any comments welcome, and thanks for all the encouragement so far...