The Maiden 14


The Maiden 14

This was my daily card for the 18:th and while it is such a wonderful card it brought out a lot of sadness in me.
I suddenly felt quite overwhelmed by lost oppertunities, regrets etc. As I took a walk to clear my head I carried her image with me. I could also feel that her energy was really warm and joyfull, that day I had a lot of moments where I really connected to the kids at work and where I felt my own child-like wonder and awe over life.

I won't post all my notes here, most of them are fairly obvious anyway for those who met the Maiden.

These are a few of my keywords for her:
unconditional cuddly love with kisses on the top. Denise when she was 4 years old and I took her to my heart.
No fear! No insecurities, no old hang-ups, no patterns to be stuck in.
I am loved. (remember - no insecurity!)
Growing up, learning, leap of faith.
She is a seedling! We all are.

She is a healer in that she brought up a lot of old pain from my childhood, things I still haven't really worked through or forgiven yet. I miss in myself her ability to be so totally open and honest and naked in her approach to life and universe and all that is in it. Her absolute trust. Her ease to let us know what she needs.

I couldn't find a thread for the Maiden so I hope it is ok if I start new threads now and then for cards that don't have one yet?


Jema that was lovely. I think you captured the true depth of her. Her innocence, and our lost one. I find that she bring hope and inspiration. The willingness to try again. Keep her close, you are right, she will help you heal.


I remember reading somewhere that Froud called The Maiden "the most beloved of all faeries in the realm...."

Such a lovely light she brings... :D


I picked the Maiden as my most favorite card. There is so much joy and love radiating from the card. I had to turn off the light to make sure it wasn't actually glowing. (maybe she just hid when the light turned off)

When I first saw this card it was like a huge loving embrace, not just a hug but an enveloping, bear like hug. Like when kids just really like you and hang on for dear life with a huge smile plastered on their face! Usually they are enjoying the hug so much their eyes are closed so they can concentrate totally on the sensation and the feelings. If you've ever seen a kid hug a character (like Mickey Mouse or Cinderella) that they have wanted to meet 'for their whole lives', that's exactly the kind of hug that I mean. The kind of one that puts tears in your eyes just to see it. Ahhhhhhhh.


She is also my favorite.
i instantly was pulled to her.
But, I am in mommy mode.....
I just love her tho. Plenty of room in my arms for her too!
And the girls will love her when they meet her.


I keep getting this card reversed, whether it is a daily card or a part of a larger spread. Serves me right, because I still do not know what she's telling me. (Well, actually I might have an inkling, but how do you fix justified feelings of approaching doom? ;) )

I do think the maiden is not all love and light. None of the sidhe-cards are, imo. Children can be very egoistical and cruel, not because they mean to, but because they are unable to put the needs of others first, they can only learn stuff like that by growing up. Lots of toddlers will strike a pet rabbit just to see what happens. I do think the maiden carries some of this dangerous curiousity.

sr, rosesred


sorry rosesred.
I don't get that at all....
I admit I was surprised to see she was of the Sidhe, but her message is quite gentle to me.
And reversed I would see more a lack of love, as in emotion witheld, suffering, loss of feeling....


I think there's an element of what you say that I can hold on to, rosesred. Children are revered by adults quite easily for their innocence, but we forget that true ignorance can also breed cruelty - "they don't know any better".

Most children, that I've observed, do have an amoral appraoch to certain situations. They are like little scientists discovering how the world works. And yes, if you squish the catepillar it will stop moving, the same as it did yesterday. I struggled this summer with watching my 3 year old mercilessly kill the insects we caught to watch and observe. Trying to teach him the concept of death and cruelty was beyond him, all I could do was reitereate respect for living things and then watch as he set the catepillar down and stomped it into bits. No butterfly for you, wormy.

Compassion will come for him later. I think the more of a Mom I am, the more I appreciate "Lord of the Flies," but that's neither here nor there.

I don't use these cards reversed myself, but I can understand how the Maiden reversed might suggest the atmosphere of cruelty, or at least the amorality, such as young children's actions and decisions can reflect. I think ignorance would have to play into that divination for me as well, as their inability to understand is what drives the behavior.


Yes, that's exactly what I mean, Alissa! Not cruel for cruelty's sake, but because 'they don't know any better'. Kind of the bitter side of a child's innocence. Children don't know a great deal about the bad stuff in the world, but they also do not understand many of the 'good' stuff.


awwee Jema, Just reading your post made me cry.

Wow, You really did touch into the depth of this faery, or at least one of her many messages. With that in mind, I'm going to log off and go play with my children (who are all 4 and under). Give them one more hug, one more kiss, and let them stay up just a little later so I can read them one more story.