the new fae oracle - Heart of Faerie


Can you believe it? I had NO idea until just a week ago that there as a NEW oracle deck by Brian and Wendy Froud. I went to get my 4th replacement of the faerie oracle deck by Brian Froud, and when the bookstore didn't have it, I was looking through the other decks. Low and behold, there was a NEW deck that I didn't even know about at all. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? LOL. So I have NO idea how long this "new" deck has been out, but after thumbing through some threads here (and it's been a WHILE since I was here last), obviously this "new" deck isn't that "new".
I've only done a few nightly draws thus far, and I am still getting to know this new group of fae. I look forward to being here on a more regular basis, and learning more about this new exciting group of fae, meeting new friends here, and getting back in touch with old friends.
I've missed this place and this group.



I had no idea either Sagitarian that Brian and Wendy had a new deck out. I too have been a bit "out of touch" on all things tarot related for a while now so am curious on finding out more of this "new" (to me too!) deck.

BTW, its good to see you back here again :)



nice to see you again, and welcome home. Hope things have been going good for you.
Yeah, its strange, after getting this new Incredible deck, i remembered (but forgot) how strange a new deck can feel.
His first deck is like old familiar friends to me. I know all of them well and intimately after working with them for so so so long. I forgot how a new deck, with new fae, new everything feels. It's odd, and yet good.
I usually stray away from the book for a while, letting us (the fae and I) get to know each other first a little bit before I utilize the book. But this faery, "the Captive man" is really throwing me for a loop.
I remember having this issue in the past with "soul shrinker" and with "the dark lady" (think that's the name of her) in his first deck, but since then, I got to know both of them well.
I know that a faery will stubbornly keep showing up until you "get it" (understand their message)...and obviously, I'm just not getting it, so I thought I'd seek others outlook, or experiences with this particular faery.
You should definitely check out this new deck, it's just as beautiful, creative, explorative, and in some ways, has a hint of tarot in them, like the magician, and some of the queens. it's extrodinary!


Don't aren't that far behind...I think the deck came out in the spring...glad you discovered it and are back to chat about it.

The Captive Man is a strange one. The deck is somewhat different from the first but I find that its easier for me to "talk" with these. It took me a long time to really get to know the we are old friends...but seems easier to connect with these...BUT perhaps it is just me and I am more comfortable with the fae now.