Tyldwick - Five of Swords


This image reminds me of the many homes around here that were foreclosed on and now sit abandoned and neglected. It resembles what might be the 5 of Pentacles in the RWS, but it is actually a take on a Thoth-inspired meaning; it could be entitled "The Dark Despair of Defeat." But what caused the defeat in the first place? I think the dirty, broken window gives a hint - lack of clarity and detachment when it comes to self-assessment. My daughter and I were watching "Cake Boss" the other night, and one of the women on one team had an extremely strong personality. She demanded the huge cake they were making be stacked in a certain way. Even though her teammates tried to show her the weight and angle of the top layer would crush the one below, she couldn't be reasoned with. Of course the cake was a disaster. In the same way, we can have an idea or opinion and be so sure that it is right, we refuse to even glance at it objectively. We become so emotionally invested in being correct, we forget to use common sense and fail to foresee the inevitable result. We shout "full steam ahead" and ignore all the icebergs in our path. And of course the consequences are dire - we're left feeling like this broken house and overgrown yard. The big question remains: Can we learn from our mistakes?



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Just to complement, in my vision, the five of swords which talks about defeat, the abandoned house is the victim of depredation, the house is already falling apart, yet we see those young rebels throwing stones to it's windows, broken it even more just for fun (humilliation).

Are we the House or the rebels ?


For some reason, I think here of "don't throw stones if you live in a glass house". There is a sense of getting what you asked for. A decrepit mind creates even more decrepitude, and attracts more decrepitude. It's a vicious cycle. This card is like a warning: don't be nasty, or you'll get what's coming to you. And yes, there is a sense of poverty - mental poverty. Is the building irredeemable? It needs to either be bulldozed, or given a full makeover. Being a 5, it's at the exact tipping point. Something needs to change, and fast.