Vision Quest - Eight of Fire

Soaring Eagle

Description: The sun is rising in a desert area, it is powerful, giving off a lot of heat. The rays from the sun form an 8-pointed star.

Significant Details: The sun symbolizes action coming rapidly, reaching out to all areas, all directions.

My Interpretation: There will be a lot of activity, but you need to use caution that you do not “burn-out” due to doing too much too fast. You will receive insight into a situation. This may be a time of rapid changes.


Numerology Reference: 8 - Movement, Change, Action or Inaction, Accomplishment, Power, Rebirth, Regeneration, Reevaluate

Keywords*: Insight, a light goes on!, seeing through, quick assessment of a situation, productive communications, effortless sharing, spontaneous changes, moving on

Inner message*: Much is becoming clear to you now! Your inner channels are open, enabling you to be frank, honest and – most important of all – speak from your heart. On a personal level you are in a position to clear up an important matter. Since you have nothing to hide or protect, you can share your insights lovingly.

Outward manifestation*: Clear ideas and practical suggestions will move what has long been stagnant in the right direction. If you don’t insist on your own vision, but dare to see through the eyes of everyone involved, and agreement will be reached rapidly. It doesn’t matter WHO comes up with the best idea! What counts is that the matter gets resolved to the benefit of ALL.

My Interpretation: A change is coming, things are moving fast for you now. You will get insight on a situation, and things are becoming cleare to you now. You will have to assess a situation. Communications are open to you, use this opportunity to speak up and speak from your heart.

*From the accompanying LWB