Vision Quest - Ten of Air

Soaring Eagle

Descrition: There are five vultures on a giant rock formation and five more vultures seen flying away. There are mountains in the distance.

Significant Details: To some native peoples the vulture is an omen of death, danger or strife. In native legends the vulture “usually plays the role of an aggressive troublemaker who lies, cheats, hoards resources that should belong to everyone, or uses his large size to bully other birds.” The mountains are the gateways to the spirit realm.

My Interpretation: You have a lot of negative thoughts and doubts, possibly even fears about a situation. You are unwilling to let go of negative/destructive notions.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: The rock formation on which the vultures sit is brown, it is signifying our strong mental/spiritual base, and the blue of the mountains is letting us know that we have a secure knowledge of our spiritual selves.

I think that in this card we are the meat laid upon the rocks, and the vultures each represent a negative thought. As five of these vultures are flying away, they represent that we have let these negative thoughts go, but five still remain. In this sense the negative thoughts are eating away at us.

When compared to the 9 (Hurt), the 10 (Negative Thinking) is a much more hurtful card in the sense that we "allow" our negative thoughts to eat away at us, instead of only feeling hurt by our own actions.


Numerology Reference: 10 - Completion, End of a Cycle, Renewal

Keywords*: Negative thinking, unwillingness to let go of negative mind-loops, clinging to self-destructive notions, doubts and existential fears

Inner message*: Sometimes you create your own hell just by repeating hateful thought patterns. There is no hell outside of you. Hell and heaven are internal states of mind. We create them. This power and responsibility cannot be placed at other people’s doorstep (even if that feels more comfortable). Become aware of how you think about and treat yourself.

Outward manifestation*: No new seeds should be thrown onto this field of doubts. Straighten yourself out first. Try not to hold on to past offenses. Clinging to a mental position robs you of your strength. Become aware of how your mind-loops drag you ever deeper into the muck, especially in work-related matters. Fresh air, exercise and regular relaxation will help you jump off this downward spiraling carousel of anger, worry and pain.

First Impression:Why, oh why, are you wallowing and dwelling on this negativity? It’s like a spiral, it’s your drug. Sometimes it is time to give it up. Why are you afraid to give it up? What are you afraid of? Get over yourself…..!!!!! You’re making me so frustrated!!

My Interpretation: There it is, only now he’s not alone, he has brought many friends with him. Why do you allow the birds to take over your life, your emotions and your power? This is self-made, so fix it! Negativity will get you nowhere. You’re feeding it. Know why you’re doing this, stop the spiral and get out. Embrace beauty, love, and most of all positivity. Stop everything that you’re doing, take a long deep breath to detach yourself completely. You have the answers, you’re not choosing to see it. You can end this negative cycle, you can end it now. Choose to end it, please?! Have fun every once in awhile, enjoy the good in the world.

*From the LWB

Soaring Eagle

Your interpretations made me laugh. I like it.


Your interpretations made me laugh. I like it.

No card has brought so my emotion out of me, ever! Now that I look at it, after few hours, yes it sounds funny and silly. I really don't understand why I got so incredibly frustrated.

Soaring Eagle

You have the answers, you’re not choosing to see it. You can end this negative cycle, you can end it now. Choose to end it, please?! Have fun every once in awhile, enjoy the good in the world.

I just really liked how you asked them to please end it. I think that was a nice touch.