Vision Quest - Ten of Fire

Soaring Eagle

Description: This is a very dark card. Even the setting sun is not giving off any light. In the front of the card there is a deer skull, and directly behind the skull are ten arrows. Four arrows on each side, crossing at the bottom, with their arrowheads submerged in the ground. The remaining two arrows are in front of the other eight, and are pointing straight down, the arrowheads partially submerged in the ground.

Significant Details: The darkness of this card signifies the stagnating of life, the oppression, loss. The sun, dark and partially hidden reminds us that there is a way out, if we get over our fears and inhibitions. The skull is a symbol of the loss of life. The arrows are symbols of oppression, aggression, possibly even of resistance.

My Interpretation: You are resistant to changes during this time, possibly from fear of loss. You need to be aware of oppressive forces that are at work and work towards finding a solution. This is not a time for selfishness, but a time to for self-realization, possibly even self-sacrifice. Do not be too hard on yourself.


Numerology Reference: 10 - Completion, End of a Cycle, Renewal

Keywords*: Oppression, resistance, stagnating life force, internalized aggression, fear of self-realization, fear of possible loss

Inner message*: When this card comes to you, it signifies that you are ‘sitting’ on your energy – your own life force. Since you are holding on tight, it can’t flow. Examine the area in your life that may be stagnant. Realize you have nothing to lose if you slowly start to dissolve these inner tensions with some physical exercise, deep relaxation and meditation.

Outward manifestation*: You can’t move ahead if you hold your own energy back. What circumstances in your life are reflecting your inner resistance? What inside you refuses to be detected and expressed? What don’t you want to show? What inhibitions are stopping your power from flowing freely? In the long run, blocked energies cause gloominess, and finally depression. Be aware of this cycle. Take heart, and let your life force flow as it wants to, without fear of the consequences.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: Is the sun in the background, why is it orange? Through your own resistance, have you made the sun gloomy and not being able to shine through, and affect you as well?

My Interpretation: Some people resist change, they fear of it. You are one of these people right now. Why are you so afraid of change? Change is not to be feared for, but to embraced and loved as it will take you somewhere new, exciting and positive. Is someone in your life oppressing you and the flow of your energy? Why do you let them do this to you? You can be there as a friend and as a comforter but be aware of not taking it in too much. Do not let it affect your flow of inner power. Do not fight for the change, for your life force, but embrace it. It is time to go within, do some deep relaxation, meditation, excercising or even go to a masseuse! Take care of yourself!

*From the LWB