Vision Quest - Two of Water

Soaring Eagle

Description: There are two hands, one male and one female, touching. In the middle of the card can be seen two waterfalls that join. From between the waterfalls is a plant of ivy that comes down below the hands. In the background are distant mountains.

Significant Details: The hands signify the joining of male and female in perfect harmony. The waters also join to make one stream, much powerful than if they ran their separate courses. The ivy reminds us that this love is growing.

My Interpretation: This is a time of growth, of new love, and of spiritual ecstasy. You may make new friends during this time; perhaps find your “soul mate”.


Numerology Reference: 2 - Duality, Harmony, Choices, Unity, Balance, A Crossroad or Choice, Partnership

Keywords*: Love, harmonic convergence of male and female forces, bliss, spiritual ecstasy, growth, friendship on the highest level, kinship of souls

Inner message*: This image represents an openness to the highes form of love and your growing readyness to live that way. These gently joining hands represent two souls touching one another subtly, in perfect harmony. This kind of loving connectedness may but need not find a sexual expression. It is complete in itself. It gives without expecting anything in return and gratefully receives what is given.

Outward manifestation*: Your willingness to love without creating even the most subtle chains for your partner will bring you the success you have longed for on every level. You have a genuine desire to go beyond anything you have felt before, to discover the spiritual essence of life and, therefore, your own true purpose. The ability and willingness to love selflessly is a major part of this quest.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: The colors here seem to be of significance in the picture as they are strong. I’m just not sure what they’re supposed to mean. I also sense ying and yang on the vine.

My Interpretation: This is a very loving place you are at right now. Everything flows in harmony. You see everything with pure, loving eyes. Now is the time for growth. You may find new friends, a new love interest or possibly re-find long lost friend or re-kindle with an old love. Everything that you do right now, do it without asking anything back, do it out of love.

*From the LWB