What is CURRENTLY on your Reading Table?


My dining room table is my reading table. I put out an altar for readings and then when I'm finished I put everything away so the cats don't get into anything. I do keep a large catchall tray on the table at all times though. I just put away my decks from my readings today. The Cat's Eye tarot and The Cult of Weimar Tarot. The oracle decks I used were the White Rabbit and Cat Wisdom. lol I did a pet reading. ;)


Since Carojulie listed all the things on her table, I'll do mine, too.

4 Tarot decks in bags
2 smal Tarotl decks in plastic storage things from the Dollar Tree
My Gilded Reverie and Fin de Seicle along with the spread cloths for them that I made using an old sheet (god forbid I ever do an in person reading) and all are in a pouch that held gaming stuff, my daughter said.
A giant spool of white Nymo for beading
Small scissors and tiny needle nose pliers for beading
My 4-foot loom
Loom stand
Coffee in my big thermal cup
Six small cheap notebooks in a small size
My medications in containers
A giant Coleman's mustard tin salvaged from a free pile--now contains my long loom needles and some Pringles lids I use for beading dishes
A bead tray with six covered compartments that I mostly use for loomwork
A cookie can with hair combs in it to bead on. It also houses barrette blanks
A plastic container with rings for making journals
The covers for a journal I'm beading on for my daughter
Two q-tip/cotton ball Dollar Tree containers that are empty. I clipped them together with those folding paperclip things and I use the compartments for all my beading tools, plus my magnifying glasses.
A tea tin with all my shorter needles
Sucrets and Celestial Seasoning tea tins for the wax pieces I wax my thread with and the small spools of beading thread.
A bag of silverlined beads
Some empty and well washed little dog food containers with snap on lids. I love that they put the dog food in such sturdy containers. I use one for my phone charger and that's what I see on the table.

As you may have guessed, I re-purpose a lot of things because I'm always appalled at the amount of waste us Americans generate and if there's another purpose for something, I'm happy to use whatever it is instead of throwing it out. And I'm not exactly rolling in money to buy special containers anyway. I'd rather spend anything extra I have on bead stuff.

That's about it. It can vary at times, but mostly this is it.


oh yes - I forgot; TEA! White or Lapsang Souchang...

Ooooooo.... I love Lapsang Souchong! One of my favorites!

My "reading table" is kind of my dining room table which has my laptop on it and far too much clutter (mail, stuff, things ... ).

On the other hand, where I do readings at work is usually on the CAD station opposite from the one I'm using. So, right now it's got my Necronomicon Tarot, my RWS, my notebooks and a couple of Tarot books.


Some astrology and tarot books and wood carving of Hierophant head from old Holly tree twig from the garden I have done for practice. I have taken up wood carving as my hobby recently :D

When the Hierophant head is near the deck, it seems giving more assurance in the reading with boosted energy. My next project is wood carving the Temperance or The Fool or some angels :)


My reading table is where I spend most my day anyway working as well as relaxing. I keep a piece of fabric just for placing my cards on so I'll list the details of that :p

The cloth itself has a tie-dye look to it in blues and purples.
On each of the top two corners are amethyst chunks full of amethyst points
I have a wood bowl I use as an ashtray
A small altoids tin I keep crochet stitchmarkers, thread, etc in, a pair of scissors and two crochet hooks.
A rose quartz crystal point, a labradorite heart, large selenite palm stone, rainbow fluorite palm stone, and phantom quartz point.
The centerpiece is an amethyst candle holder- one of my greatest finds while shopping.
I have my two bracelets- one rose quartz and kiwi jasper the other a chakra bracelet
And my two rings- labradorite and moonstone

As for decks right now I have the Bonefire out to play.

On my entire table I have so many things including a small pumpkin still going strong from October, a lucky cat, crystal tree and various crystals underneath, A small trinket dish with a cactus painted on it and a tea spoon for my tea, decks/books galore, candles


I read in different places. But usually on the dining table, which at the moment features
a pile of post
a water bottle
Dali tarot
a gardening magazine
and um ...King Lear :royal:

(But I would clear them off and put a cloth down to read.)


Most of my readings are done in bed or on the floor with a spread cloth, but the closest thing I have to a reading "table" is probably my altar. It's pretty small (it's the top of a bookcase) and can only really hold daily draws or three card readings.

Right now, it has...

- My DOTW, the Prisma Visions
- The Wild Unknown that I was using for shadow work
- Seeker's Lenormand
- Some cards from the Portable Fortitude playing deck that I use as talismans. Right now I have "Protection from the USA", "Protection from Infestation", "Protection from Crippling Despair", and "Hypatia" out
- A chunk of clear quartz
- My incense holder, currently empty
- A makeshift card holder made of various garden stones, holding the "Protection from USA" card
- My religious candle holder
- A RWS deck that I was using to practice reversals
- My tiny tarot & lenormand journal
- Some pencils

One day I hope to get a desk in my room that can double as a bigger reading space.


I love reading what objects you all enjoy having near

The things we find drawn to. You all sound like you have lovely spaces :)

My reading table is small, a wooden table that folds out. I have had it for years. Not a lot of room. But it is handy to have next to my computer when I do readings :).

Rocks, crystals seem to be my main stay on what little room I have.


A part of my working desk is my reading table, and there we have right now:

Distant Past tarot
Mystical tarot
Journal for my Shadow work
Journal for stargazing
Book M
Fey tarot book
Lenormand journal
a stand with the smaller wheel of associations I made some time ago
my newest crochet tarot pouch project in blue and purple

and to my right on the the wall, my tarot calendar with lots of cards held by magnets :)