Who's all interested?


Just posting up here to see who is all interested in studying Robin's Deck with the cards? I start a new term of school tomorrow, but if I have an idea of who is interested and when we start, I can work it around my school courses (and kids and family etc.)

Looking forward to studying with y'all...if you have any ideas or thoughts or things you'd like to study/do, please post! I'm interested in new ways to study.


Judith D

I would love to study this deck more - it is my favourite for reading. I am a little overburdened at the moment, but will definitely join in. You are very lucky if you have Robin Wood's book - I cannot get it here but am trying to find a way for someone to bring it over for me. I think her own descriptions will add hugely to my understanding.


I would be ready to join. I like the artwork.


me meee I still havent got the book but I will this month!


Count me in, Lewen! And thank you for organizing this study group. I can't wait to dig in!!


Ok, for those who are interested, let's get started. Not sure how everyone would like to get started, but Spinningspider and I thought it might be great to "Begin at the beginning" I'm going to start reading the intro. chapter and the First card of the Major Arcana, The Fool. I know there is a thread for the Fool here already. I would like your thoughts on how we could go about this. This is a study for all of us and I am open to new ideas and ways of study, so please...read and give me your thoughts. I'll post mine on a thread after I finish up my schoolwork for the day.

This is exciting! I love this deck and don't consider it to be "fluffy" at all. Looking foward to interacting with you all on the boards! :D


Oooh, didn't see this thread last week. I'll join as well...jump in and out, though, I probably won't be the most consistent poster. This is by far my favorite reading deck...didn't know if I'd like it at first, but we connected instantly, and a year later, it's still my favorite. :) Looking forward to talking to you all!


count me in too! Ive really been enjoying using this deck over the last few weeks, havent got Robin Woods book unfortunately ....but still..Count me in :D

Judith D

Perhaps if you follow the track you have in mind, Lewen (or whoever posts first on a card), but use the threads already posted, then we would have the benefit of all the thoughts and ideas in the old posts each time we look at a new card.
Are you able to quote some stuff from Robin Wood's book? I still want to find a copy somewhere, somehow.
I definitely agree with others - this is my prime reading deck as it is so clear, and talks so loudly, but it would be wonderful to have information on all the little bits included with such purpose.


Robin Wood has a wonderful website...www.robinwood.com
You'd be able to get a copy of her book there for sure...and maybe, if you asked, she'd even autograph it for you!! While at the site, be sure to look at her artwork for sale. Wonderful!!!!