Würtemmbergische and Czech playing card resemblance?


Here are the Marias cards - they are the top line, the William Tell cards (German/Swiss/Austrian pattern, but they can be found here very easily) are the bottom line.

I think there are some resemblances, but mainly because of the suit symbols perhaps? Marias are not double-headed and the characters look somewhat more medieval in style to me - others might disagree.



Hi catlin and Baba :)

Catlin - you're cards are beautiful! Such gorgeous colors! Will you read with them or just keep to the game?

Baba :) The Maria & the William Tells are similar - I didnt realize the difference until you pointed out 'two decks' :rolleyes: These cards are beautiful too :p

Elven x


@ Elven: Oh, my Gaigel cards are a lot plainer but I will use them also for playing card readings (at least I will try what I will get from them) but you should see the wonderful Czech oracle deck I also got, very nice and it reads sooo well.


I know it's a bit off-thread, but that little deck is a gem. It's just a shame it's been produced cheaply with okay but not wonderful printing. It's a lovely deck - warm and emotional and reads clearly and with real charm. I am very fond of it indeed. If I ever had to cut back to half a dozen decks it would be one of the few I'd keep.